Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan is the Head of Department Low Risk Obstetrics RPA Women and Babies as well as the Senior Educator for RPA Women and Babies and works in collaboration with the Midwifery Unit at Canterbury Hospital. This appointment follows 20 years of clinical and education midwifery practice at RPAH. Maureen is Chair of the RPA Research Centre for Midwifery and Nursing and has been a member of the centre since its inception. Maureen holds an appointment as Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney Nursing School, at the University of Sydney.

Maureen’s commitment to midwifery education and improving clinical care for the mothers and their babies and families has led to her recognition as a leader in midwifery education and practice.

In her current roles, Maureen is committed to supporting staff both professionally and clinically, to offering guidance in clinical decision making which is based on available evidence, and to continuing education for all staff. Maureen is also eager to promote research in the clinical setting and make it meaningful to clinicians.