Ms Bridget O'Sullivan

Clinical Education Specialist

Telephone +61 2 9114 4209


Biographical details

Bridget is a registered nurse with post-registration experience as an Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Specialist. She has also worked as an Operating Department, Intensive Care and Emergency Department nurse. Her nursing experience covers infection prevention and control, the operating department, operating recovery room, post-acute care unit, intensive care unit, orthopaedics, cardiovascular, general surgery, urology, neuro-surgery and general medical nursing. She has been involved nursing research, the development and implementation of workplace policies and procedures, and staff education.

She has completed a MSc Nursing, BSc. General Nursing, Post graduate Diploma in Peri-Operative Nursing, Post Graduate certificate in Health Protection, Postgraduate certificate in Cardiovascular Health.

Bridget is currently undertakign research into supportive cancer care for women with gynaecologcial and pelvic cancer.

Research interests

Her research interests are in:

  • Supportive care for gynaecological cancer
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Vaccination, Public health and epidemiology
  • Continued and life-long nursing education
  • Care of the cardiovascular intra-operatively
  • Patient controlled analgesia for orthopaedic patients

Teaching and supervision

Pre-registration; Bachelor Nursing and Masters of Nursing.

Thesis work

Thesis title: Addressing Sexuality, Intimacy and Sexual Function After Cancer in Women. The role of a Nurse Coordinator

Supervisors: Kate WHITE , Jacqueline BLOOMFIELD

Thesis abstract:

Gynaecology patients experience a unique set of physical, psychosocial and psychosexual issues as a consequence of their cancer diagnosis and its treatments. These issues can negatively impact on the patient's self-identity, self-confidence, quality of life and on the dynamics within a relationship.
Nurses are optimally positioned to drive, navigate and communicate in the context of conversations on topics which are inherently of a private and intimate nature. Effectively managing and developing these conversations to optimally enhance the quality of life of the patient requires a specific skill and knowledge set on the behalf of the nurse. There is a significant body of research that relates to effective communication in nursing in general. However, there is very limited research regarding the most effective and appropriate approach to initiating and developing conversations on topics of an intimate and private nature.
This research project will address this area. Assisting the patient to explore and adjust to the consequences of gynaecology cancer and its treatment empowers them to define their personhood and femininity at a difficult point in time. It is also anticipated that the knowledge developed from this project will assist in other areas of practice whereby difficult and private topics are discussed.

Current projects

Undertaking a research project on:

Research project title.

Nurse-led care: Factors that influence the therapuetic nurse-patient relationship in the context of conversations relating to intimate and persoanl subject matters.

A focus on the coordination of care in the gynaecological oncology setting.

Supervisor: Professor White, University Sydney.

Dr. Jacqueline Bloomfield, Associate Dean (education), University Sydney.


Australian Nurse Teachers Associations

Australian College Infection Prevention and Control

Selected publications

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  • O'Sullivan, B. (2008). Effectiveness of Post Operative Patient Controlled Analgesia. National Orthopaedic Nurses Conference, Ireland: National Orthopaedic Nurses Association.


  • O'Sullivan, B. (2008). Effectiveness of Post Operative Patient Controlled Analgesia. National Orthopaedic Nurses Conference, Ireland: National Orthopaedic Nurses Association.

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