Master of Primary Health Care Nursing

Primary Health Care Nursing

Take your career to the next level by studying Primary Health Care Nursing at Sydney Nursing School.

This program equips registered nurses with advanced skills and knowledge to move towards leadership roles in primary health care in a range of settings.

During the course, you will explore the professional and sociopolitical contexts in which primary health care is delivered. You will examine the evidence-base for primary health care practice and the translation of new research into clinical settings. True to the philosophy of primary health care, this course encourages interdisciplinary work through electives and opportunities for collaboration across the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health and the Charles Perkins Centre.

What impact can I have as a primary health care nurse?

With rising incidence of complex, chronic diseases and an ageing population, the need for skilled primary health care nursing leaders is greater than ever before.

The program will equip nurses with the advanced skills and knowledge to develop and promote primary health care strategies to meet future challenges, including innovative and advanced approaches to clinical practice, patient engagement, communication and clinical assessment.

Why study at Sydney Nursing School?

  • Build the professional practice capabilities needed for leadership in primary health care nursing.
  • Further develop your research skills, enabling you to make evidence-based decisions, and opening the door to a PhD at Sydney Nursing School.
  • Enhance your specialty knowledge, clinical expertise and therapeutic skills, immediately applying what you learn in class to your professional practice.
  • Join our global community of influential students, staff and alumni, building your professional network as you study alongside academics and peers from a range of primary health care settings.
  • Choose how to fit study into your lifewith full-time and part-time options, as well as self-paced online study for some components of the program.

How will I learn?

Study over two years full-time, or three years part-time. This program is delivered via:

  • Flexible, self-paced online study, allowing you to fit study around other commitments.
  • Face-to-face study days for each unit. These sessions offer students real-time support from lecturers and clinical experts, providing the opportunity to share experiences in a small class of peers.

What will I study?

Building on your existing knowledge and experience, this course will explore the theories and philosophical underpinnings of primary health care.

You will become a leader in the primary health care field by learning how to use evidence to make advanced clinical judgments and develop innovative new models of care.

In line with Australia’s first primary health care strategy, this course will provide you with the opportunity to critically explore the application of primary health care principles to practice and to understand how these relate to individuals, families and communities. You will also explore social determinants of health in Australia, care integration across sectors, health literacy, patient self-management, TeleHealth and eHealth.

The course will further develop your knowledge and skills in health promotion and illness prevention models, as well as current models of care for people with chronic conditions and complex health care needs.

There will be scope for you to explore all of these aspects of the course in the context of your particular area of interest, for example specific chronic conditions, care of complex wounds, pain management and end-of-life care.

The course will also focus on the professional capabilities needed for effective community-based nursing, including interpersonal skills, resilience and emotional intelligence and awareness of legal and ethical obligations that promote a culture of safety and quality in the clinical environment.

This program ends in a capstone project, offering you the choice to complete either a work-based project examining a current and professionally relevant clinical issue, or undertake a research project, giving you the opportunity to explore in depth an area that you feel passionate about. This may also provide a pathway to a PhD at Sydney Nursing School.

Study units include:

  • Primary health care
  • Chronic illness management
  • Promoting health and care in the community
  • Expanding primary health care practice
  • Assessment and clinical judgment
  • Research in nursing and healthcare
  • Creating a culture of safety and quality
  • Contemporary healthcare leadership
  • Capstone.

Pathways to the Master’s

Our Primary Healthcare Nursing programs are offered at master’s, graduate diploma graduate certificate levels. The latter two are embedded within the master’s degree, meaning you can choose to study the program over a duration which suits you best.

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