Action-packed activities

Students on Eastern Avenue

Studying at Sydney offers plenty of hands-on learning experiences. Get a glimpse of the latest ways to learn with our interactive activities.

All day on Eastern Avenue, Enginering and IT Precinct and Sydney College of the Arts (Rozelle Campus):

Architecture, Design & Planning

Photo of the Makerbot

The Makerbot uses a special resin to print anything – from a rabbit to a miniature model of the Empire State Building. Why not have your head copied by Makerbot’s 3D scanner and printed in 3D?

Engineering and Information Technologies

Eastern Avenue

  • Be your own myth buster and feel what it’s like to stand in quicksand at the geomechanical activity.
  • Sit behind the wheel of the student-designed and built FSAE racing car.
  • See the hexacopters in action and talk to students about how this technology is being used to track and record the behaviour of Australian wildlife.

Engineering and IT Precinct

Ladybird in action

Ladybird in action on Cowra beetroot farm

  • Come and see the University-built, six-wheeled, all terrain NASA Mars Rover-style vehicles. Discover how we conduct experiments in a similar way to those carried out on the red planet.
  • Become a civil engineer and build your own bridge using special software.
  • Talk to students from the Sydney Lunabotics team and see the robot they took to the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition.
  • Check out the Microsoft Kinect camera and try the project management challenge.
  • Talk to current students involved in Engineers Whithout Borders, the Advanced Engineering program, and our many student societies.
  • Channel your inner MasterChef by helping our students make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
  • See our new robots on the lawn and in the labs, including the Ladybird and Baxter – our new humanoid robot and brand new to Australia.
  • Hear guest speakers from Google and Atlassian in the IT, Computer Science and Information Systems mini lectures

Join us for a free BBQ lunch on the Engineering lawns, 12.30 – 2pm


students examine urchin
  • Explore the biological sciences from cells to whole animals. Interact with live organisms, preserved specimens and plants in pieces.
  • See a variety of demonstrations from the School of Chemistry on Eastern Avenue outside the Chemistry Building.
  • Put your problem-solving skills to the test with our range of maths problems and activities.
  • See a range of demonstrations, including magnets, super-conductors and a solar telescope.
  • Learn how we identify bacteria through demonstrations of simple tests for measuring glucose and DNA.
  • View phytoplankton (Sydney Harbour micro-organisms) through a microscope and see how a litmus paper test monitors ocean acidification.
  • Extract and compare the DNA of your favourite foods to find out why they are so delicious.
  • See some of the amazing insects and molluscs that either destroy or benefit our crops.

Check out the array of original models and inventions students have entered in the STANSW Young Scientist Awards. The winners will be announced at 3pm by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Sydney Health Hub

student measures blood pressure at the health hub on Open Day

Your health will be in good hands at the Sydney Health Hub. Get a free health check, try out the latest health and exercise equipment, put a shine on your pearly whites, get some tips for a healthy diet (and a long, healthy life) and much, much more. With the largest offering of health disciplines of any university in Australia, our Health Hub is your heartbeat to a healthy career.

Sydney Law School

student presents at moot court

A law degree opens doors to many diverse career opportunities. Discover the changing nature of law and its many angles and avenues. Which one is for you?

Sydney College of the Arts (Rozelle Campus)

arts students

Studio Speed Dating is a fun and informative session that gives you the opportunity to gain hands on experience of every Sydney College of the Arts studio. You will spend 25 minutes in each specialist area to give you a better understanding your study options, and the opportunity to meet our academic staff who are leading contemporary artists in these studios such as Lindy Lee, Julie Rrap and Deborah Dawes. Studios include Painting, Photomedia, Screen Arts, Sculpture (including ceramics and glass), Printmedia or Jewellery and Object. The entire session takes 2 hours (11am – 1pm) at the Rozelle Campus and everyone is welcome to join in at the conclusion of the event for the student forum to provide you with further opportunities to have your questions addressed.