Creating Sustainable Change

Creating sustainable change can only be achieved if considerable effort goes into the planning and execution of the required change. It is also important that those undergoing the change fully understand the reasons for the need to make changes to the organisation. In this way they are able to both support, and feel supported by, the process of change and assist in the implementation of the required change.

Once the seven steps Implementing Successful Change PDF in implementing successful change are completed, it is useful to review the progress of the implementation at regular (6 monthly) intervals. In this way change sponsors and agents can ensure that the outcome has met the strategic and tactical needs of the initial pressure for change. It is also important to build in an inherent flexibility into the change process and outcomes. In this way the change sponsor and change agents can monitor any ongoing need for change as it arises.

If you have any questions about ensuring the sustainability of current or future change initiatives please contact the Learning Solutions team on 9036 4723.