Resources and toolkit

The following resources provide some great examples of cultural competence and the kind of tools that will help develop individual and organisational cultural competence.

  • The Kinship Module invites you to learn about respectful ways of interacting. This is one of the initiatives of the National Centre for Cultural Competence.
  • Flinders University has developed a Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice toolkit that has a range of resources to assist individuals and groups review and improve cultural competency. The toolkit has some very practical tips in the general information folders.
  • Developed by Queensland Health, Five Cross Cultural Capabilities for non-clinical staff provides good background on cultural competence and useful questions to help assess the level of individual and organisational cultural competence.
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission also provides helpful background information and answers to some commonly asked questions about Refugees and Migrants and Multiculturalism.

The below links may also be useful in your further understanding and pursuit of cultural competence: