Cultural competence workshop

In June the University launched ‘Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu’ - The University of Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Integrated Strategy. This strategy identifies actions at all levels of the University and includes an aspiration to produce culturally competent graduates that will operate in, and impact positively on, the national and global community.
This workshop is designed to provide an opportunity to understand the drivers for, and key elements of the strategy. It is also an opportunity to explore what cultural competence is and how culture impacts on our thinking and behaviour.


By the end of the presentation participants will have:

  • Reviewed key elements of the University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Integrated Strategy including the commitment to cultural competence.
  • Gained insight into the social structure of Aboriginal Nations.
  • Identified how this social structure and world view differs from a western world view.
  • Reviewed in brief how culture impacts on thinking and behaviour and the place cultural self-assessment has in understanding that impact.
  • Gained an introductory insight into cultural competence.

Please note this 1/2 day workshop requires completion of a short anonymous pre-workshop survey that will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

For further information, please contact Lisa Denmeade on 9036 4729.

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