Learning options for you and your team

Learning Solutions can assist you to identify and meet the development needs of your team. Your learning advisor will work with you to design a customised learning solution to support you and your team and to assist you in meeting your goals.

We can tailor programs for teams who are:

  • undergoing restructures or change initiatives
  • working to define their vision, values and key behaviours
  • developing a strategic plan
  • seeking to improve communication and engagement
  • needing to improve efficiency and responsiveness to internal and external clients
  • building a new team or introducing a new leader to the team

Our solutions can include:

  • facilitation of strategic planning sessions
  • customised versions of courses run in Learning Solutions open program
  • programs designed to meet specific needs – particularly in the area of building effective teams
  • assistance to establish mentoring programs
  • coaching for key staff

Examples of Learning Interventions

The Learning Advisors have worked with a number of units within the University to define and address their development needs.

These projects have included:

  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions to assist teams/units to identify new directions and the learning needs required to support those new directions
    Customised programs to improve the efficiency of communication and working relationships
  • Facilitation of management and staff groups to resolve conflict and improve communication and engagement
  • Developing a targeted version of the Future Leaders program to meet particular needs and time constraints
  • Organising the delivery of open program courses on remote campuses

For more information, please contact your Learning Advisor.

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