Career development workshop

This course is designed for general staff who would like to reflect on their career decisions to date and develop a more active role in the planning of their future career.

The course is not structured as a traditional classroom session but as an interactive workshop; participants will be involved in several activities looking at their past, present and future career directions.

Note that this workshop does not cover interview skills or CV writing; its focus is on assisting participants to define career directions and to create an action plan to guide them in pursuing those goals.

Outcomes of the workshop

Participants at the workshop will:

  • Reflect on their career decisions and influences to date
  • Reflect on and define career goals
  • Identify their current skills and skills to develop
  • Learn techniques to manage their careers more effectively


Jane Cox, Learning Advisor

Nicola Reade, Learning Advisor


9.00am to 1.00pm


Ground Floor, Bligh Building (L03B)
90 Carillon Avenue, Newtown
Sydney University Village
See Map

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