Collegiality and executive decision making at the University

Universities have strong traditions of academic culture and collegial decision making, a tradition enshrined at the University of Sydney in the Academic Board. Recently the University has also restructured its executive arm through a restructure of its senior portfolios and an expansion of the Senior Executive Group. Understanding the role of the collegial and the executive arms of the University can be a key to operating effectively and productively. Universities also sometimes come under pressure to emulate corporate enterprise through consumer focus, market responsiveness and business modelling. Striking the right balance between collegial academic values in some of its activities and corporate responsiveness and efficiency in others is a key challenge for a modern university.

This workshop will examine the roles of the collegial and executive decision making bodies within the University, and discuss the ways in which the University develops and implements its goals and strategy. It will examine ways in which educational and academic values can be aligned with notions of executive and corporate efficiency and responsiveness.

Topics addressed will include:

  • The Academic Board, Senior Executive group and the process of decision making
  • Collegiality and consultation
  • Customer focussed or student-centred?

Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of this course, participants will:

  • have a working understanding of the process of academic and executive decision making at the University of Sydney
  • have an understanding of the background and application of the concept of collegiality as applied to a modern research-intensive university
  • have had an opportunity to share understandings of client-focussed service and student-centred learning as it applies to their own unit of work.

Target Audience

If you would like to function effectively in your role at the University or understand more about the ways in which higher education institutions can thrive in a globalised, competitive and dynamic sector, then come along to this workshop.


Your facilitator is Associate Professor Peter McCallum, whose role as Chair of the Academic Board gives him an insider's view of the structure and governance of the University.


The workshop runs for 90 minutes, from 9.00am to 10.30am. It includes a short break and a question and answer session.


Ground floor, Bligh Building (L03B)
90 Carillon Avenue, Newtown
Sydney University Village
See Map

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