Copyright basics – What you need to know for Teaching, Research and Publishing

“Did you hear about the guy who went to jail for breaching copyright and all those college students in the States who were fined thousands of dollars for downloading music from the net?”

There are many myths about copyright and this session aims to demystify some of these by giving you practical, up-to-date information about the major copyright issues.

At the university you will be both a consumer and creator of copyright material. You may need to copy material for your own research or study, reproduce copyright material for teaching purposes, or use copyright material when you assemble teaching resources or create web sites. If you are concerned about copyright in general and would like avoid ‘getting in trouble’, then we encourage you to attend this session.

You will learn how to maximise your use of copyright material without infringing the rights of others.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of copyright essentials
  • University policies and procedures
  • Using film, video, TV programs and other media
  • Impact of technology on copyright

Target Audience

New staff involved in teaching or research, staff who have a role in creating websites and learning resources and anyone who is confused about copyright and wants to improve their awareness of the issues.


Ms Anita Kelly, Solicitor, Sydnovate


9.00am - 11.30am


Ground Floor, Bligh Building (L03B)
90 Carillon Avenue, Newtown
Sydney University Village
See Map

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