Future of Higher Education

Change has become the only constant in the modern university. The Australian higher education system is currently the focus (again) of a major national review, while global forces are also increasingly impacting on our campuses. Rarely have academic and general staff in universities faced such a range of challenges in their daily work. Comprehending those challenges is at the heart of institutional management, leadership and professional job satisfaction in universities.

Being 'learning institutions' means that universities have an opportunity to adopt 'learning solutions' in the work-place. This module addresses the major issues and likely scenarios confronting the research-intensive style of the university in the 21st century.

It is also an opportunity for the enhancement of professional skills for all participants in the module: every member of a university should possess leadership capacity.

This full-day seminar module has two parts

  1. 'Future Scenarios' explores both the drivers of change in contemporary higher education (public policy, globalization, new technologies, research and innovation) and the probable future development of institutions like the University of Sydney. The ongoing significance of these developments for daily professional work at the academic and managerial coalface is the ultimate aim of the seminar.
  2. 'Quality assurance, standards and the pursuit of excellence' - this session will form a case study of the Australia approach to 'QA' at a formative time in public policy. Stakeholders have come to require ever greater reporting on educational outcomes; while institutions look to both global rankings and benchmarking as a mode of achieving excellence in all aspects of their missions. Managing and leading that process will, in many ways, define institutional standing and academic autonomy in the years ahead.


As a former Australian vice chancellor (of 2 universities, including a member of the G08), Professor Schreuder is now national Chair of the Australian Universities Quality Agency, and a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. He also acts as an education consultant to universities and governments within Australia and overseas.

Professor Schreuder has a special knowledge of The University of Sydney having previously been 4th Challis professor of History, and D/Chair of the Academic Board. He currently delivers strategic management and professional development programs for overseas delegations to RIAP in the University; and he leads research on public policy concerning universities, a theme of a recent Campus Colloquium which he convened for the Faculty. He is a frequent contributor to the media on university affairs.

Target Audience

This program is aimed at academic and professional staff who are in middle/senior level leadership positions or about to assume such positions.

As a guideline this would generally include senior administrative staff at levels HEO 10+ and above and senior academic levels, Heads of Schools, and above.


9.00am - 4.30pm


Ground Floor, Bligh Building (L03B)
90 Carillon Avenue, Newtown
Sydney University Village
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