Future Research Leaders Program

Researchers, like other members of staff, need access to ongoing professional development. However, the nature of research work means that the content and focus of these activities needs to reflect the different ways that research operates.

This is a joint collaboration with other Group of Eight Universities and comprises eight modules that explore various aspects of research project management.

Choose one, several or all of the modules to suit your needs now. You will find the modules are great for building a practical knowledge of research projects and how they can be effectively managed and led.

Target Audience

Mid-career researchers who are new to the role of CI (recently won grants) or who are currently working towards being in a CI role (ie. who have already been involved in successful grants and have submitted grant applications with themselves as a lead CI). The program develops the skills required by those responsible for the management of research grants and projects. The focus of the program is on those who will be managing research projects, teams or budgets.

How does the program work?

The program employs a blended learning approach so that participants can preview the content ahead of time. This will involve working through on-line material that includes activities and exercises to link the learning with your current research. The face to face workshops then build on those exercises. This allows everyone to maximise the value of that face to face contact to learn from experienced researchers, their peers, and to share strategies and apply that new knowledge into their own context. Each module takes approximately 9 hours to complete and includes 5 hours of work prior to the workshop and then participation generally in a 4 hour workshop (there is 1 full day workshop).

Because of the pre-reading involved it is advisable to avoid doing too many modules in close proximity.

Who is delivering the program?

The program is co-ordinated by Talent & Organisational Development and the Research Portfolio. The face to face components will be co-facilitated by some of the University’s most respected researchers.

Program evaluation

It is important to Talent & Organisational Development to evaluate the long term impact of the program. To help us do that everyone signing onto the program for the first time this year will be sent a 'researcher capability' survey. This will enable us to follow up participants and their supervisors to review what impact the program has on the perceived research.


Please click on the module links below to be directed to the appropriate CareerPath page which will provide more information and allow you to express your interest.