Commencement and collaboration - putting ideas into practice

There are many issues to address once funding for a research project has been obtained. This module explores the first year of a research project to ensure successful start-up and consolidation. The module is extremely valuable for all grant recipients.


The module aims to identify tools and resources relevant to the commencement of research projects and to define principles of project management in the context of research projects. It should also assist you to develop management and structure plans appropriate to the research project. The tools and methods learnt in this module will help you manage change and risks associated with research projects.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Develop a plan and a budget for the research project based on the funding available and required timelines, in order to manage risk and monitor the project
  • Recruit the appropriate project team and identify roles, responsibilities, research outcomes, timelines, respective contributions (cash and in-kind) and resources
  • Apply the process for the commencement and finalisation of contracts/agreements in support of the research project
  • Create a program badge/brand for the project through a website and linkages with collaborators nationally and globally (relevant only to larger multi-organisation projects)
  • Develop a management framework including decision-making and communication policies
  • Finalise a procurement strategy and plan (infrastructure, materials and consumables)
  • Identify collaborators and develop a communication strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Understand the different forms of information that will be created in the course of a project
  • Design management plans for administrative records and data

Content overview

  • Project commencement – key tasks
  • Management – Small, medium and large projects
  • Establishing the identity and profile of your project
  • Recruiting, building and managing the project team
  • Implementing the project plan
  • Knowledge, information and data management

Workshop details

The 4-hour workshop is designed to draw together the key themes covered in the online content for Module 2. This session provides you with an opportunity to network with other colleagues, to compare experiences and to consolidate the learning that has occurred through completion of the practical activities. Since the program draws on the practical activities, you are required to have completed the pre-course reading prior to attending the workshop.


  • Professor Robert Baxter (Kolling Institute for Medical Research)
  • Professor Gabrielle Meagher (Social Policy, Faculty of Education and Social Work)


9.00 am to 1.00pm


Darlington Centre - Conference Rooms 1 and 2

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