Early Career Researchers Development Program - Humanities and Social Sciences

Target Audience

This program for Humanities and Social Sciences researchers aims to give participants support in career planning, networking and the development of research capacities. The program is for researchers who are 1 - 10 years postdoctoral. It consists of 3 half-day sessions and a structured mentor program.

Demand for this course is always high so attendees must commit to attending all sessions.

The program will consist of the following modules:

To register your expression of interest

If you wish to express your interest then please contact , with the email subject line as Humanities and Social Sciences Expression of Interest'. Closing date - 13 June 2013.

Session 1 - Career Planning

Presenter: TBA
Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Date: Friday 9 August 2013
Venue: Learning Solutions - Seminar room
Academic careers may sometimes appear chaotic and out of our control, but there are strategies for maximising our chances of prospering and doing what we love: discovering the secrets of life, the universe and everything.

Topics will include the following:

  • Thinking about future directions of your career - what is possible?
  • Working collaboratively with other researchers
  • Engaging with industry / government partners - who is out there?
  • Research methods - thinking differently

Session 2 - Collaboration and Strategy

Presenter: TBA
Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Date: Friday 16 August 2013
Venue: Learning Solutions - Seminar Room 2
A major grant application is like an examination where you must score 100% - but then still might not pass. Why are some people so often successful in their grant applications? Are they better researchers (perhaps they are), or just better at communicating their ideas to a highly critical audience? Are there some simple skills that can be learnt to maximise our chance of success in grant applications?

Topics will include:

  • The grant process
  • What grants are available to arts researchers including grants from small granting bodies?
  • What support is available once you are successful?
  • Tips for success
  • "Traps for young players"
  • How to work most effectively with the Research Office.

Session 3 - Quality and Publication

Presenter: TBA
Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Date: Friday 23 August 2013
Venue: Learning Solutions - Seminar Room 2

While all researchers know the importance of being published, it is sometimes difficult to know which publications are the best to aim for. This session looks at how to improve the quality of your submissions and you can be more strategic in where and how you publish.

Specific topics to be covered in this sesison are currently being developed and will be added to this page shortly.

Session 4 - Mentoring Workshop

Presenter: Sandra Stopher
Duration: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Date: Friday 30 August 2013
Venue: Learning Solutions - Seminar Room 2

This workshop will introduce the mentoring program to the Early Career Researchers. The goal of the mentoring program will be for each mentee to develop a five-year research plan.

Topics will include:

  • What is mentoring?
  • Benefits of mentoring for both mentees and mentors
  • Structured mentoring program
  • Feedback skills for mentees
  • Coaching skills for mentors.