Intellectual property and commercialisation

The intellectual capital within the research project needs to be carefully preserved and managed. This module provides an overview of how intellectual property is defined and managed at The University of Sydney and explores the potential for commercialisation of research outcomes. The module will also cover the way participants talk about their research to non-experts, eg. potential industry partners or small funding bodies. A useful module for all researchers - but particularly important for those working in areas where the research outcomes have high commercial potential.


This module is designed to provide university researchers with an introduction to commercialisation. An emphasis has been placed on ensuring the researcher gains a broad understanding and appreciation of the processes involved in identifying, protecting and packaging innovations for the marketplace. Such an understanding should provide a critical base for researchers wishing to participate in and appreciate the complex commercialisation process.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Define and differentiate the types of intellectual property
  • Summarise the ways to protect intellectual property on a daily basis
  • Appreciate the issues relating to intellectual property ownership for employees and students
  • Comprehend the broad commercialisation process
  • Explain their research to non-technical parties in compelling ways that respond to the interests of those other parties.

Content overview

The module comprises the following topics:

1. Intellectual property (IP) in a university context
2. Commercialisation (including how to 'talk-up' your research)

Intellectual property and commercialisation workshop

This half day, interactive workshop is designed to provide an opportunity to have your questions about Intellectual property and commercialisation answered. You will hear from key Sydnovate staff at the Unversity from the Commercial Develpoment and Industry Partnership unit (CDIP) and from researchers experienced in commercialisation.

The workshop will include a short (3 minute) one-on-one opportunity to talk about your research to a non-specialist with a background in working with researchers. You will then get individual feedback that will provide some practical advice on improving this skill.


  • Dr Thor Slater, Commercial Theme Leader - Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP)
  • Dr Melitta Jercher, Intellectual Property Rights Officer - Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP)
  • Dr Nick Cerneaz, Executive Director - The Warren Centre


Darlington Centre - Conference Rooms


9.00am - 1.00pm


Thursday - 12 September 2013

Please note that there is 3-4 hours of work (pre-reading and exercises) prior to the workshop. This must be completed prior to attendance at the workshop.

Registration via CareerPath

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