Orientation: settling in – a researcher's guide to the University of Sydney

It can be challenging commencing at a new university – particularly if you wish to build or maintain your research momentum. A new staff member needs to acquire many areas of knowledge about how the university and its research practices operate: know how, know who, know when. This module has been designed to help you identify how research works in your university.


  • ensure you have the information you need about how research works at Sydney to assist you in your research
  • provide some useful tips and strategies to help you settle in
  • assist you in planning your meetings with significant support people
  • introduce some other elements of development that can greatly enhance your performance

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • clarify your immediate research needs with respect to information, contacts and resources
  • develop and implement an induction strategy to ensure you have all of the necessary networks and information to get started efficiently and smoothly
  • identify suitable mentors who will be able to assist you, and manage a mentoring relationship to meet your current and future needs
  • commence the process of positioning yourself and your research at the University of Sydney

Content overview

The online materials comprise the following topics:

  • The research context
  • Researcher development. The role you will play in the university.
  • Work role management. An overview of how to identify the priorities which must be met and to manage the time spent on the various activities awaiting attention.
  • Mentorship. This section explores the nature of research mentorship and outlines how a sustainable relationship can be established.
  • The nature of research in a research-intensive university. This section also provides a broad overview of the processes which generally operate when undertaking research.
  • Settling into your local research community.
  • What now? Some practical strategies and guidance to assist your initial setting in.


This workshop will offer you the opportunity to meet key university research leaders, the directors of research support agencies and other people it is helpful to know. This two-hour workshop is useful for all researchers new to the University.


The Darlington Centre - Conference Rooms 1 and 2


  • Professor Jill Trewhella, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Mr Warwick Dawson, Director, Research Office
  • Sara Hoffman, Acting Director, Sydnovate
  • Andrew Black, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
  • Rebecca Halligan, Director Research Integrity, Research and Innovation


2 hours


9.00am to 11.00am - followed by morning tea


We are currently scheduling our programs for 2012. The dates for these modules will be published on our website in early 2012.