Project review and evaluation (closeout)

The successful completion of the research project requires a number of closure processes relating to research, people, finance, knowledge, assets and media management. This module covers effective closing out of the project life-cycle and the initiation of new allied projects.


The aim of this module is to provide you with an efficient and structured approach to project closeout. This approach will enable you to meet minimum client/sponsor obligations and capture ways by which they can improve your future approach to overall research project design, development and implementation.

The module also aims to illustrate some of the different requirements of different project types that university researchers need to be aware of as well as the benefits of using the closeout process to identify future research opportunities and improved research practices.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of closing a project properly
  • Identify and describe obligations to a project sponsor/client from contract and project documentation
  • Outline your obligations to the project team members when a project closes
  • Structure a review and evaluation report for a project that has closed
  • Make and prioritise recommendations for other activities that could be undertaken to add value to the research investment that has been made

Content overview

The module comprises 4 topics and workshop preparation materials that it is expected will take approximately 4 hours to work through online:

Topic 1: The importance of closing out

Topic 2: Project closeout compliance requirements

Topic 3: Project review and evaluation

Topic 4: Using project closeout to your advantage

Workshop details

There will be a 4 hour workshop associated with this module.


  • Professor Jillian Kril (Neuropathology, Sydney Medical School & Associate Dean Postgraduate Research)
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Milam (Department of Art History and Film Studies, School of Letters, Art and Media)

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