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A bibliography of Australian colonial music part 2 - 1901 to the present

Dr GRAEME SKINNER (University of Sydney)


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Bibliographic notes:

This resource has the dual purpose of listing materials of general relevance to Australian colonial music, and of serving as a bibliography for the other pages of this site.

Because of the latter, some items make only occasional or no direct reference to Australian music, but are nevertheless of general relevance to the subject and the site.

Entries are arranged chronologically by year, then alphabetically by author (or where no clear author, other identifier).

Entries are formatted for ease of reuse in footnotes and endnotes.

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Curated websites are not generally listed; however, many resources currently available only in solid state digitised form are listed.

Not yet included here are many items of more particular interest (e.g. to individual musical works, individuals or institutions) listed elsewhere in the site's checklists and registers.

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Australian colonial music


Bladen 1901 (HRNSW 7)

Frank Bladen (ed.)

Historical records of New South Wales. Vol. 7 - Bligh and Macquarie, 1809, 1810, 1811

(Sydney: William Applegate Gullick, 1901) (DIGITISED)

Brown 1901

James Duff Brown

Characteristic songs and dances of all nations

(London: Bayley and Ferguson, 1901) (DIGITISED)

Isaac Nathan, Australian Aboriginal Air from "Southern Euphrosyne", 257; Narrinyeri Corrobbery (South Australian Aboriginal Air, [from] Taplin's Folk-lore of the South Australian Aborigines, 258

Fenton 1901

Elizabeth (Bessie) Knox Fenton [Mrs. Michael Fenton]

The journal of Mrs. Fenton: a narrative of her life in India, the Isle of France (Mauritius) and Tasmania during the years 1826-1830 with a preface by Sir Henry Lawrence

(London: Edward Arnold, 1901) (DIGITISED)

Part 3 (from 11 August 1829 to end): Tasmania, 339-96 

Haddon 1901-35

Alfred C. Haddon (et al.)

Reports of the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to Torres Straits (1898)

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1901-35), 6 volumes

Volume 1: General ethnography

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1935) (DIGITISED) (PREVIEW)

Volume 2: Physiology and psychology; part 1: Introduction and vision

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1901) (DIGITISED)

Volume 2: Physiology and psychology; part 2: Hearing, smell, taste, cutaneous sensations, muscular sense, variations of blood-pressure, reaction-times

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1903) (DIGITISED) 

Volume 3: Linguistics

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1901) (DIGITISED)

Volume 4. Arts and Crafts

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1912) (DIGITISED)

C. S. Myers, "Music", 4, 238-69

Alfred C. Haddon, "Sound-producing instruments", 4, 270-83

Alfred C. Haddon, "Songs", 4, 284-88

Alfred C. Haddon, "Dance and dance paraphernalia", 4, 289-305

Volume 5. Sociology, magic and religion of the western islanders

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1904) 

Volume 6. Sociology, magic and religion of the eastern islanders

(Cambridge: The University Press, 1908) (DIGITISED)

Especially "Funeral songs", 150-53 

McGuanne 1901

John Percy McGuanne

"The humours and pastimes of early Sydney"

The Australian Historical Society Journal and Proceedings 1 (1901), 34-42 (DIGITISED)


Barff 1902

Henry E. Barff

A short historical account of the University of Sydney

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1902) (DIGITISED)

1859 Musical Festival

Harper 1902

Walter R. Harper

"A corroboree song",

Science of Man and Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society of Australasia 5/2 (1902), 175

Walker 1902

James Backhouse Walker

Early Tasmania: papers read before the Royal Society of Tasmania during the years 1888 to 1899

([Hobart]: J. Vail, Government Printer, 1902) (DIGITISED)

Also second impression (Hobart: John Vail, 1914) (DIGITISED)

Includes reprints of Walker 1890 and Walker 1897


Wallaschek 1903

Richard Wallaschek

Anfänge der tonkunst

(Leipzig: J. A. Barth, 1903) (DIGITISED)

German translation of Wallaschek 1893


Howitt 1904

A. W. Howitt

The native tribes of south-east Australia

(London: Macmillan and Co., 1904) (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED)

Reproduces words of songs from Howitt 1887 and musical transcriptions of 3 songs from Torrance 1887

Petrie 1904

Constance Campbell Petrie

Tom Petrie's reminiscences of early Queensland (dating from 1837) recorded by his daughter

(Brisbane: Watson, Ferguson & Co., 1904) (DIGITISED)

Originally serialised in The Queenslander (26 April 1902 - 7 November 1903)'s+Reminiscences&sortby=dateAsc


Paterson 1905

A. B. (Banjo) Paterson

The old bush songs: composed and sung in the bushranging, digging, and overlanding days

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1905) (DIGITISED)


Furley 1906

William Furley

Some recollections of plays and players of the Ballarat stage in the fifties and sixties by an old playgoer

(Fitzroy: W. and J. Barr, 1906) (DIGITISED)

Houison 1906

A. H. [Andrew Houison]

A short history of St. Philip's Church, Sydney: jubilee 1856-1906

([Sydney: St. Philip's Church], 1906) (DIGITISED)

See also expanded version Houison 1910

Lyndhurst 1906

Fanny Lyndhurst

The confessions of a singer

(Melbourne: Bruce & Davies, 1906) (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED)

Thomas 1906

Northcote Whitridge Thomas

Natives of Australia

(London: Archibald Constable and Company, 1906) (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED)

Reprints Taplin's transcription of music of Narrinyeri corroboree song from Woods 1879 (Taplin 1879)


Mathews 1907

R. H. Mathews

Notes on the Aborigines of New South Wales

(Sydney: William Applegate Gullick, Government Printer, 1907) (DIGITISED) (modern edition online)

Especially section 9, pages 33-35: Aboriginal Songs at Initiation Ceremonies, with music-and-words transcriptions of 6 songs previously published as words only in Mathews 1896 and 1898


Boswell 1908 = see Boswell 1911

Annabella Boswell's Some recollections is undated; bibliographic records usually put it ? 1908; but here see Boswell 1911a

Madge 1908

Elliot Walter Madge

"A forgotten Calcutta actress: Madame Maria Dhermainville"

Bengal past and present 2/2 (1908), 497 (DIGITISED)

On Maria TAYLOR (Madame Dhermainville), her late career and death in Calcutta in 1841

Ritz 1908

Hermann B. Ritz

"An introduction to the study of the Aboriginal speech of Tasmania" [read 16 November 1908]

Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (1908), 73-83 (DIGITISED)

Compares three versions of song Popeller [Milligan: Papella; Davies: Ne popila; G. W. Walker: Poppyla]


Murphy 1909

Agnes Murphy

Melba: a biography, with chapters by Madame Melba on the selection of music as a profession and on the science of singing

(London: [?], 1909) (DIGITISED)

(New York: Doubleday Page, 1909) (DIGITISED)

Ritz 1909

Hermann B. Ritz

"The speech of the Tasmanian Aborigines"

Papers and proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (1909), 44-81 (DIGITISED)

Offprint (Hobart: The Examiner and Weekly Courier Offices, [? 1909]) (DIGITISED)

Santley 1909

Charles Santley

Reminiscences of my life

(London: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd., 1909) (DIGITISED)



Houison 1910

Andrew Houison

A short history of St. Philip's Church, Sydney: centenary 1810-1910

([Sydney]: St. Philip's Vestry, November 1910) (DIGITISED)

After Houison 1906

McIvor 1910

"Early Reminiscences. THE McIVOR GOLDFIELD. NO.39. MUSIC"

The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser (4 August 1910), 2 (DIGITISED)

Marett 1910

R. R. Marett

"Queensland corroboree songs"

Folklore 21/1 (March 1910), 86-88,_1910.djvu/114 (DIGITISED)

Four corroboree songs in the Goorang-Goorang dialect, obtained by Mr. R. B. B. Clayton, Moon Creek, Upper Burnett River, Queensland, c.1863-5; musical notation by Miss I. S. Clayton

Summers 1910

Joseph Summers

Music and musicians: personal reminiscences, 1865-1910

(Perth: Galwey Printing, 1910)


Boswell 1911a (? = Boswell 1908)

A. A. C. D. Boswell (Annabella Boswell; Innes)

Some recollections of my early days written at different periods

([no publications details, ? 1908; ? 1911]) (DIGITISED)

Especially on the Gray sisters, in 1846 songwriters of The stockman's last bed

"A JOURNAL OF EARLY AUSTRALIA", The Sydney Morning Herald (30 August 1911), 5

See also reissue (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1965; 1981; 1993)

Boswell 1911b

A. A. C. D. Boswell (Annabella Boswell; Innes)

Further recollections of my early days in Australia

([s.p.: s.n., ? 1911])

Also (Port Macquarie: Hastings District Historical Society, 1964)

Rice 1911

Edward Le Roy Rice

Monarchs of minstrelsy from "Daddy" Rice to date

(New York: Kenny Publishing Company, 1911) (DIGITISED)


Farmer 1912

Henry George Farmer

Military music and its story: the rise and development of military music

(London: Wm. Reeves, [1912]) (DIGITISED)

John Winterbottom

Flood 1912a

W. H. Grattan Flood

William Wallace: a memoir

(Waterford : Waterford News, 1912)

Flood 1912b

W. H. Grattan Flood

"William Vincent Wallace: a centenary notice"

The Musical Times 53/833 (1 July 1912), 448-49

Spencer and Gillen 1912

Baldwin Spencer and F. J. Gillen

Across Australia

(London: Macmillan and Co., 1912), 2 volumes 



Musical transcriptions by Percy Grainger (1909) of two Arunta corroboree songs recorded by Spencer (1901) 


Ackermann 1913

Jessie Ackermann

Australia from a woman's point of view

(London: Cassell, 1913) (DIGITISED)

Matters 1913

Mrs. Leonard W. Matters

Australasians who count in London and who counts in Western Australia

(London: Jas. Truscott and Son, 1913) (DIGITISED)


Macarthur Onslow 1914

Sibella Macarthur Onslow (ed.)

Some early records of the Macarthurs of Camden

(Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1914 (DIGITISED)

Scott 1914

Ernest Scott

The life of captain Matthew Flinders, R.N.

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1914) (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED),_R.N. (modern edition online) (modern edition online)


McGuanne 1915

J. P. McGuanne

Old St. Mary's, Sydney

([Sydney]: [Ford, for Author], 1915)

Praed 1915

Rosa Praed (Mrs. Campbell Praed)

Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land: a story of Australian life

(London: Hutchinson; New York: Brentano's, 1915) (DIGITISED) (modern edition online)


Steele 1916

James Steele

Early days of Windsor N. S. Wales

(Sydney: Tyrell's Limited, 1916) (modern edition online)

Samuel Edgerton






Boase 1921

Frederic Boase

Modern English biography: containing many thousand concise memoirs of persons who have died since the year 1850

6 volumes (1892-1921)

Jack 1921

Robert Logan Jack

Northmost Australia: three centuries of exploration, discovery, and adventure in and around the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, with a study of the narratives of all explorers by sea and land in the light of modern charting, many original or hitherto unpublished documents, thirty-nine illustrations, and sixteen specially prepared maps

(London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent &? Co., 1921)

Volume 1 (DIGITISED)

Volume 2 (DIGITISED)


Bertie 1922

Charles H. Bertie

Isaac Nathan: Australia's first composer: a lecture

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1922) (DIGITISED)


HRA 1/20 1924

Commonwealth of Australia, Historical records of Australia, series 1: Governor's despatches to and from England, volume xx, February, 1839-September, 1840 ([Melbourne]: The Library Committee of the Commonwealth Parliament; Sydney: Alfred James Kent, Government Printer, 1924)

Alexander Maconochoe, James A. Reid


Melba 1925

Nellie Melba

Melodies and memories

(London: T. Butterworth, 1925)

(New York: G. H. Doran Co., [1926]) (DIGITISED)

Montague 1925

Alfred Montague

"SEVENTY YEARS OF MUSIC", [1]: "Early Players and Singers"

The Argus (19 September 1925), 8

"II: Artists of the Fifties", The Argus (26 September 1925), 7

"III: Four Noted Pianists", The Argus (3 October 1925), 7

[4] "Genesis of the Philharmonic", The Argus (10 October 1925), 6

[5] "Concerts in the 'Fifties", The Argus (17 October 1925), 12

[6] The Argus (24 October 1925), 13

[7] The Argus (31 October 1925), 12


Dahl 1926

Knut Dahl

In savage Australia: an account of a hunting and collecting expedition to Arnhem Land and Dampier Land

(London: P. Allen and Company, Limited, 1926)

English translation of Dahl 1898

Music 1926

W. W. T. [?]


in Arthur Wilberforce Jose and Herbert James Carter (eds) with the collaboration of T. G. Tucker, The Australian encyclopaedia, vol. 2 Mab-Z

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1926), 160-170

Nathan 1926

J. V. C.-B.

"Nathan, Isaac"

in Arthur Wilberforce Jose and Herbert James Carter (eds) with the collaboration of T. G. Tucker, The Australian encyclopaedia, vol. 2 Mab-Z

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1926), 174

Wallace 1926

"Wallace, William Vincent"

in Arthur Wilberforce Jose and Herbert James Carter (eds) with the collaboration of T. G. Tucker, The Australian encyclopaedia, vol. 2 Mab-Z

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1926), [?]

Reimann 1926

[Immanuel Reimann]


The Advertiser (8 June 1926), 16

Weiter 1926

Fred. W, Weirter


The Sydney Morning Herald (29 May 1926), 11



Campbell 1928

Phyllis Campbell

"Nationalism in Australian music"

Advance! Australia! (1 July 1928)






Davies 1932

E. Harold Davies

"Aboriginal songs of central and southern Australia"

Oceania 2/4 (1932), 454-467

Melbourne 1932

"Bohemia in Melbourne. The Romance of Fasoli's"

The Argus (6 August 1932), 6 (DIGITISED)


Kennedy 1933

Keith Kennedy

"Instruments of music used by the Australian Aborigines"

Mankind (The Australian Journal of Anthropology) 1/7 (August 1933), 147-47

Moore-Robinson 1933

J. Moore-Robinson

Chronological list of Tasmanian newspapers from 1810 to 1933

([? Hobart]: [?author], 1933) (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED)

Rubens 1933

Alfred Rubens

"Isaac Nathan: caricatures"

Notes and Queries (15 April 1933), 263


Davies 1934

Gladys Rhys Davies

Music makers of the sunny south: a general survey of music and musicians in Victoria

(East Malvern: S. B. Waters, 1934/35)

[Review]: "What women are doing", The Ausralian Women's Weekly (12 January 1935), 22:

White 1934

Henry O'Sullivan White

"Some recollections of the Aborigines of New South Wales in the years 1848, 1849 and 1850"

Mankind 1/9 (June 1934), 223-27 

Paper delivered White (1831-1901), son of the diarist George Boyle White, to the Maitland Scientific Society c.1895; includes accounts of corroborees.


Shenton 1935

C. E. V. Shenton (nee Lochee)


The West Australian (19 October 1935), 7

Recollections of music and musicians in colonial Western Australia


Bertie 1936

Charles Bertie

"Old Castlereagh Street"

Royal Australian Historical Society Journal and Proceedings 22/1 (1936), 50

Brewster-Jones 1936

Hooper Brewster-Jones

"Pioneers and problems: South Australia's musical history"

Australian Musical News 27/3 (1 October 1936), p. 1-3, 28-33



Bates 1938

Daisy Bates

The passing of the Aborigines: a lifetime spent among the natives of Australia

(London: Murray, 1938)

"1st Australian edition" (London: Murray, 1944) (modern edition online) (modern edition online)

Cotton 1938

Catherine Cotton

Ludwig Leichhardt and the great south land

(Sydney: Angus and Robertson Limited, 1938)

Stephen Marsh, Isaac Nathan, William Aldis


Hauser 1939

Miska Hauser

The letters of Miska Hauser, 1853

[translated from the German by Eric Benson, Donald Peet Cobb and Horatio F. Stoll, Jr

(San Francisco: Works Progress Administration, Northern California, 1939) (DIGITISED)

From Hauser 1859



Phillips 1940

Olga Somech Phillips

Isaac Nathan: friend of Byron

(London: Minerva Publishing, 1940)

[Review]: "WANDERING JEW", The Sydney Morning Herald (18 January 1941), 8

Scholefield 1940

G. H. Scholefield

A dictionary of New Zealand biography

(Wellington: Dept. of internal affairs, 1940) 2 volumes (DIGITISED) (DIGITISED)



Ellard 1942

"Australia's first music"

Art in Australia series 4/6 (June, July, August 1942), 56, 7, and 5 pages after 56 supplement [facsimile]

Facsimile of SL-NSW copy of Ellard's Australian quadrilles of 1835, which, however, the article misidentifies as Reichenberg's Australian Quadrilles of 1825

Fitzgerald 1942

Frank Fitzgerald


The Argus (10 October 1942), 3s


Elliott 1943

Brian Elliott

"The first Austral harmonist"

The Australian Quarterly 15/1 (1943), 43-57

Reprinted in Elliott 1947; Barron Field


Federation Bush Music Groups 1959

The Queensland centenary pocket songbook: thirty traditional bush songs collected and arranged by the Federation Bush Music Groups with a foreword by Robert Dally-Scarlett

(Sydney: Edwards and Shaw, [1959])

Edgar Waters, [Review], Songs of Queensland, Southerly 21/1 (March 1961), 57-58

Hurst 1944

Maurice Hurst

Music and the stage in New Zealand: the record of a century of entertainment

(Auckland: Charles Begg, [1944])

Watson 1944

F. J. Watson

"Vocabularies of four representative tribes of South Eastern Queensland"

supplement to the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (Queensland) 48/34 (1944), 96-97 (DIGITISED)

First published source of "Corroborees of the Aborigines of Great Sandy Island, written and translated by Edward Armitage, of Maryborough, Queensland, 1923", 96-97, including transcriptions and translations of two Badtjala songs.


Stirling 1945

Lorna Stirling

"The Development of Australian Music"

[Commonwealth Literary Fund lecture given in the University of Melbourne, 21 July 1944]

Historical Studies: Australia and New Zealand 3 (October 1944-February 1945), 58-72

Porush 1945

I. Porush

"Rev. Herman Hoelzel, the first qualified Jewish Minister in Australia"

Journal and Proceedings of the Australian Jewish Historical Society 2/4 (1945), 172-200


Mackaness 1946

George Mackaness (ed.)

Odes of Michael Massey Robinson: first poet laureate of Australia (1754-1826): with an introduction

(Sydney: NSW Govt. Printer, 1946)

Reprint: ([Dubbo, N.S.W. : Review Publications, 1976])


Davies 1947

E. Harold Davies

"Music in primitive society"

Anthropological Society of South Australia Occasional Publications No. 2

(Adelaide: Anthropological Society of South Australia, 1947)

Elliott 1947

Brian Elliott

Singing to the cattle: and other Australian essays

(Melbourne: Georgian House, 1947)

[Review], Rex Ingamells, Meanjin 7/4 (Summer 1948), 271-72


"M" 1948


"Memories and Musings. FIRST CHOIR. FIRST HYMNS"

Advocate (15 January 1948), 12

On the first Catholic choir and band in Melbourne

McGuire 1948

Paul McGuire, with Betty Arnott and Frances Margaret McGuire

The Australian theatre: an abstract and brief chronicle in twelve parts

(London, Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1948)

Moresby 1948

Isabelle Moresby

Australia makes music

(Melbourne: Longmans, Green, 1948)

Published October 1948; colonial era, 1-4

[Review], "Early days of music in S.A.", News (30 October 1948), 2

[Review], "IN THE THEATRE. Pointers From Past", The Argus (30 October 1948), 21

[Review], "The Growth of a Musical Tradition, By 'Scribe'", The Mercury (13 November 1948), 7


Madeley 1949

Helen M. Madeley


([London]: T. Werner, 1949)

Chapter 27, page 108- , "Mrs. Macquarie's piano"

Serle 1949

Percival Serle (ed.)

Dictionary of Australian biography

(Sydney: Angus And Robertson, 1949) (modern edition online)

Published June 1949: musical entries include Marie Carandini, Ada Crossley, Nellie Melba, William Murdoch, Isaac Nathan, William Vincent Wallace

There has been a fairly general impression that the only important productions of Australia have been wool, wheat, and cricketers. I hope this book will help to remove that impression. Too low a place has been allowed in the past to Australian literature, largely because of the undue prominence given to some of the more popular writers. Australian painting has been more and more appreciated of late years, but there is still far too little encouragement given to sculpture, architecture, and music. Some excellent singers and executive musicians have made their mark in the world among whom may be mentioned Melba, Ada Crossley, and William Murdoch; but though some interesting music has been composed little is known of it and comparatively little has been published. (Preface)



McGowan 1950

R. M. McGowan

"Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom! This has been a musical city ever since our first band played in Bourke Street one Christmas Eve"

The Argus (8 December 1950), 23

Early Melbourne town bands, teetotal bands, 1839, 1840s, John Tickell, Hugh Middlemiss

Mackaness 1950

George Mackaness

Fourteen journeys over the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, 1813-1841

(Sydney: Ford, 1950), 3 parts in 1 voloume

Reprints (Sydney: Horwitz, Grahame, 1965; Dubbo: Review Publications, 1978)

Barron Field, Harry, "Australian national melody", part 2, 126 (see Covell 1967)


Hall 1951-54 (HMA 1-26)

James Lincoln Hall

"A History of Music in Australia"

The Canon: Australian Journal of Music

No [1]: 4/6 (January 1951), 277-281

No 2: 4/7 (February 1951), 333-337

No 3: 4/8 (March 1951), 372-376

No 4: 4/9 (April 1951), 421-427

No 5: 4/10 (May 1951), 469-473

No 6: 4/11 (June 1951), 517-524

No 7: 4/12 (July 1951), 564-71

No 8: 5/1 (August 1951), 3-10

No 9: 5/2 (September 1951), 52-58

No 10: 5/3 (October 1951), 103-109

No 11: 5/4 (November 1951), 152-156

No 12: 5/5 (December 1951), 203-10

No 13: 5/6 (January 1952), 263-65

No 14: 5/7 (February 1952), 313-15

No 15: 5/8 (March 1952), 361-380

No 16: 5/9 (April 1952), 407-410

No 17: 5/10 (May 1952), 456-60

No 18: 5/11 (June 1952), 504-508

No 19: 6/1 (August 1952), 4-9

No 20: 6/2 (September 1952), 53-57

No 21: 6/4 (November 1952), 166-171

No 22, 6/5-6 (December 1952-January 1953), 221-225

No 23: 6/7 (February 1953), 266-69

No 24: 6/11 (June 1953), 453-57

No 25 7/3 (October 1953), 142-47

No 26. 7/5-6 (December 1953-January 1954), 251-54

Nos 1-9 reprinted in Hall 1989-91

Mackaness 1951

George Mackaness (ed.)

A new song made in New South Wales on the rebellion by Lawrence Davoren; edited with an essay on historical detection, notes and commentary

(Sydney: G. Mackaness, 1951)

On the manuscript at SL-NSW ML B1097


Orchard 1952

W. Arundel Orchard

Music in Australia: more than 150 years of development (Melbourne: Georgian House, 1952)

[Review], Don Banks, Tempo new ser. 25 (Autumn 1952), 39-40

[Review]: Lindsey Browne, "Lost: one pat on the back", The Sydney Morning Herald (21 June 1952), 7

Slater 1952

Joseph Slater

"Byron's Hebrew Melodies"

Studies in Philology 49/1 (January 1952), 75-94

Isaac Nathan

Stieglitz 1952

Karl R. von Stieglitz (ed.)

Edward Markham's Voyage to Van Diemen's Land, 1833

[Edward Markham's Van Diemen's Land Journal, 1833; with six historical essays, a sesquicentenary production]

(Launceston: Printed by The Telegraph Printery, [1952]) (DIGITISED)

From SL-NSW MS, journal of Edward Markham (1801-1865); mentions Deane ["Dean"], George Peck ["Peack"] (his shipmate on the Warrior), Reichenberg [February 1834: "I met a German music master who had married a Neopolitan, an ugly Diva. But he was pleased to find another person who understood something of his language"] and other music and concerts.


Elkin and Jones 1953

A. P. Elkin and Trevor A. Jones

Arnhem Land music, North Australia

(Reprinted from Oceania  24/2 (1953), 25/1-2, 4, 26/1-4, 28/1)

(Sydney: University of Sydney, [195-])


Browne 1954

Lindsey Browne

"Music And The Theatre"

The Sydney Morning Herald (4 February 1954), royal tour supplement 12

Brief conspectus of 166 years of Australian music history, 1788-1954 

Carne 1954

W. A. Carne

A century of harmony: the official centenary history of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Society

(Melbourne: Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Society, 1954) (DIGITISED)

Dalley-Scarlett 1954

R. D.-S. [Robert Dalley-Scarlett]


in Eric Blom (ed.), Grove's dictionary of music and musicians, 5th edition

(London: Macmillan, 1954), vol. 1, 268-73

Goldman 1954

Lazarus Morris Goldman

The Jews in Victoria in the nineteenth century

(Melbourne: [Author?], [1954])

Keane 1954

Eva Keane

Music for a hundred years: the story of the house of Paling

(Sydney: Oswald Ziegler, 1954)

Mackaness 1954

George Mackaness (ed.)

Some letters of Rev. Richard Johnson, B.A., first chaplain of New South Wales

(Sydney: D. S. Ford, 1954), 2 volumes

Reprint (Dubbo: Review Publications, 1978)


Hall 1955a

Papers of James Lincoln Hall (latest date of inclusions, 1955)


Hall 1955b

James Lincoln Hall

"New light on Stephen Hale Marsh"

The Sydney Morning Herald (2 April 1955), 11


Ward 1956

Russel Ward

The ethos and influence of the Australian pastoral worker (Ph.D thesis, Australian National Univeristy, 1956) (DIGITISED)


Fischer 1957

G. L. Fischer

The Queen's Theatre, Adelaide, 1841-1842

(Adelaide: Pioneers' Association of South Australia, [1957])

Greenway 1957

John Greenway

"Anything like Waltzing Matilda: observations on folksong in Australia"

Quadrant 1/2 (Autumn 1957), 45-51

Moyle 1957

Alice M. Moyle

The intervallic structure of Australian Aboriginal singing

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Recte George Boucher Worgan

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Cobley, 295, was first to note Bowes-Smyth's journal entry of 7 August 1787, Rio de Janiero, confirming that George Worgan had his piano with him on the Sirius in 1787-88

"Without Bowes's reference to a party at Rio de Janeiro, we could not know with certainty that Worgan's piano reached the colony in the First Fleet ..."

However, he also claimed that the piano was a Broadwood, which is nowhere documented.

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[Review] Mellers 1968 

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Prout was husband of Maria Prout and brother-in-law of Stephen Marsh and Henry Marsh.

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See also volume 2, Meredith, Covell and Brown 1987

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"This is the story of Celia Wyndham, who came to Australia in 1853 and died at Inverell, N.S.W., in 1926 ..."


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Later editions 1975, 1976, 1986

Revised (4th) edition (St. Lucia: University of Queensland Press, 2004) (PREVIEW)

Especially "INTERLUDE: Pianists", 111-14 


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An account of George Augustus Robinson's life up until his arrival in Van Diemen's Land in 1824, primarily from his diary kept while sailing as a steerage passenger in 1824, one of the rare documents of conditions on an immigrant vessel of that period.

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40-43, discussion of music (after Covell 1967)

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Popeller [Maria Logan] [Charles Logan]

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Thérèse Radic

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Thérèse Radic

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(second edition, Sydney: Child and Henry, 1986)

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Translation of Salvado 1853


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Reprint (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011) (PREVIEW)

Includes valuable observations of Indigenous song

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Mick McLean Irinjili and Murtee Johnny, two Aboriginal men from different tribes, recount their memories of the Mudlunga corroboree, a ceremonial song and dance they had witnessed and participated in 1901 and 1902. Their conversations are transcribed and presented here with English translations 

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As of 2015, volume 2 has not appeared

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Photocopy of original on which this article based in La Trobe Manuscripts Library (Shelf no.: MS 11325)

"Gentleman retiring from the profession" identified as James Smith

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See also Mansfield 1989

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See also Plomley 1969



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No UNSW Library or Trove record; thesis housed in UNSW history department secretariat (as at 2011)

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A reprint of "Music a terror", from Lang 1859; editoral introduction suggests that the story's Captain Romer was based on Henry Colden Antill (1779-1852), who arrived as a captain of the 73rd regiment with Macquarie in 1810.

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See also Organ 1993

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Libraries Australia pre-publication record only; no copy identified

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Discusses the original manuscript of Beckler 1868, with his original manuscript music examples

English translation and music examples in ....


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Contents incorporated and updated in Design & Art Australia Online


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Also on his teacher Peter Bruce

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Blackface minstrelsy, "Ethiopian" serenaders

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On Biraban and Lancelot Threlkeld's mission

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A list of marine officers, marines, ships crews and officials, with families, who arrived January 26, 1788, as part of the Fleet, arranged by ship

Harry Parsons, George Boucher Worgan, John Hunter, bandsmen

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Chapter 1: Actresses of the colonial space; English actresses in India (1789-1842), 3-46; on Maria TAYLOR (Madame Dhermainville), her late career and death in Calcutta in 1841, on and Marian CHESTER at the Chowinghee Theatre

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An earlier version of this paper was presented at a meeting of THRA held on 13 October 2009

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James Aquinas Reid (Ried), Scottish years to late 1838

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1859 Sydney University Music Festival 

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Bennelong, Yammroweny

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Johannes Wirth and sons

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[Review]: Christeen Schoepf, Journal of Australian Colonial History 15 (July 2013), 237-38

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Stephen Marsh, Catherine Hayes, Lewis Lavenu, William Vincent Wallace

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Stephen Gard

Michael Rush: a Tyrone lad on the Clarence

(Thirlmere: BlueDawe Books, 2011)

Musical details include details of the Rush-Trickett rowing race, the background to Giorza's Trickett Galop and the song The Champion and Rush (by a True Cornstalk), and details of the musical activities of Rush's sister, Emily Agnes RUSH.

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Dictionary of Sydney (2011) (ONLINE)

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Keith Vincent Smith

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eBLJ (Electronic British Library Journal) (2011, Article 14), 1-7 (ONLINE/DIGITISED)

Includes facsimiles and pdf has an embedded recording of 2010 performances by Indigenous singers of the 1793 song, from Jones 1811, and Harry's song from Field 1823 and 1825.  

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Databases of the people aboard the VOC ships Batavia (1629) and Zeewijk (1727) - an analysis of the potential for finding the Dutch castaways' human remains in Australia

(Fremantle: Australian National Centre of Excellence for Maritime Archaeology, 2012) (DIGITISED)

Records the 3 trumpeters on the Batavia, 1629, Jacop GROENEWALD, Claes JANSZ, and Cornelis PIETERSZOON

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Maryrose Casey

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Critical Race and Whiteness Studies 8 (2012) 

Discusses 19th and 20th corroborees

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See also OHTA website

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On Lancelot Threlkeld's Lake Macquarie mission, and Biraban

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On Simon Fraser and his teacher Peter Bruce

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Musicology Australia 34/2 (2012), 185-205

[no Trove record]

Alexander Maconochie

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On Thomas Braidwood Wilson and Collet Barker and the first European sighting of the ebero and the tune of the didoggerry whoan (didgeridoo; dijeridu)

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Bristol and Hobart 

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Lists post-1900 works and biographical events of many composers active during late colonial years

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[Review], R. J. Stove, Quadrant 57/1-2 (January-February 2013)

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Largely reproduced at (ONLINE)

See also Geoffrey Cox, "A brief history of pipe organs and pipe organ building in Queensland", OHTA (2012-13) (ONLINE)

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DMT: Dublin Music Trade

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From Levi 2006

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From Clements 2013

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([Princes Hill, VIC] Les Dalton, [2014]), 2 volumes 

Volume 1, George Boyle White of the Hunter Valley (PREVIEW)

Volume 2, Selected diaries, 1843-1875 (PREVIEW)

Contents of the published volumes also online at

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[Review] Phillip O'Brien, Agora 50/2 (August 2015), 68;dn=433146180283848;res=IELHSS 

Especially "Ceremony ... Corroborees, dance and music", 5-21, especially 11-21; and 153

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[Excerpt from paper read at the 2013 Musicological Society of Australia conference]

Musicological Society of Australia Newsletter 75 (December 2013-June 2014), 26-27

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The last man: a British genocide in Tasmania

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The revival of music in the worship of the Catholic Church in Scotland,1789-1829

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On family background and pre-Australian music of James Aquinas Reid (Ried)

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Queensland History Journal 22/6 (August 2014), 468-479

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Peter Sims

Colonial artist Henry Mundy and his music

(Quoiba: Peter Sims, 2014)

Includes a facsimile of Mundy's Eight Sets of Quadrilles (1837)

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The journal of William Thomas, assistant protector of the Aborigines of Port Phillip & guardian of the Aborigines of Victoria 1839 to 1843

(Melbourne: Victoria Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, 2014) 

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Duncan Wu

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Review of English Studies 65/272 (2014), 888-903 

Includes discussion of Dunlop's collaboration with Isaac Nathan


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Papers and Proceedings: Tasmanian Historical Research Association 62/1 (March 2015),;dn=248003291672239;res=IELHSS (PAYWALL)

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Edwin Barnard

Emporium: selling the dream in colonial Australia

(Canberra: National Library of Australia, 2015) (PREVIEW)

See especially "An evening around the piano", 124-25; "Mechanical music makers", 126-27; "Tripping the light fantastic", 144-45

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Lindsay Barrett

"The Leichhardt refrain"

Journal of Australian Studies 39/4 (2015), 546-60 

Discusses Lynd (and Silvester's) Leichhardt verses and Nathan's (and Marshs's) musical settings

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Catherine Bishop

Minding her own business: colonial businesswomen in Sydney

(Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, 2015) (PREVIEW)

Sections on music and theatre include Florentine Dudemaine (Madame Farrelly), Flora Harris (Mrs. Joseph Sheridan Moore), Eliza Hudson (and George Hudson and John Gibbs), Eliza Read (Mrs. Charles Read), Eliza Strickland, and Maria Taylor (and John Thomas Wilson)

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Musicology Australia 37/2 (2015), 307-12 (PAYWALL)

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in Kate Darian-Smith and Penelope Edmonds (eds)

Conciliation on colonial frontiers: conflict, performance, and commemoration in Australia and the Pacific Rim

(New York and Oxford: Routledge, 2015), 17-35 (PREVIEW)

Page 24-25 reproduces (? Bernier's original) handwritten notation of the "Air des Naturels de la N[ouve]lle Hollande au Port Jackson" and copy text for the music plate of the Péron and Freycinet Atlas of 1824 (Lesueur Collection, Muséum de l'Histoire Naturells, Le Harve, nos. 16057R , 16059-1)

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Jason Gibson

"Central Australian songs: a history and reinterpretation of their distribution through the earliest recordings"

Oceania 85/2 (2015), 165-82 

On Baldwin Spencer's 1901 recordings of Arunta songs, including those later transacribed (1909) by Percy Grainger

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Australian working songs and poems - a rebel heritage

(Ph.D thesis, University of Wollongong, 2014) (embrago until 2 June 2018)

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Research, records and responsibility: ten years of PARADISEC

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Volume 1 (text) (DIGITISED)

Volume 2: Appendices (DIGITISED)

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Musicology Australia 37/2 (2015), 269-79 (PAYWALL)

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Graeme Skinner

"The invention of Australian music"

Musicology Australia 37/2 (2015), 289-306; published online 8 March 2016 (PAYWALL) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Musicology Australia 37/2 (2015), 218-33 (PAYWALL)

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"'Thus have been preserved numerous interesting facts that would otherwise have been lost': Colonisation, protection and William Thomas's contribution to The Aborigines of Victoria"

in Leigh Boucher and Lynette Russell (eds)

Settler colonial governance in nineteenth-century Victoria

(Canberra: ANU Press and Aboriginal History Inc., 2014), 47-62 (DIGITISED)

Van Rij 2015

Inge Van Rij

The other worlds of Hector Berlioz: travels with the orchestra

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Includes very detailed discussion and analysis of Berlioz's account of William Vincent Wallace's Pacific (especially NZ) travels, and, for instance, his sourcing of extra materials for it from the writings of Dumont d'Urville

From index (p. 356):
Wallace, [William] Vincent, 19-21, 134, 335
accounts of time in New Zealand, 20, 323-27
Berlioz's account of, 2-4, 5, 13, 14, 15,
18-19, 21-24, 25-26, 31, 33-34, 38, 48,
55, 320-21, 322, 327, 328, 336-37
Lurline, 325-26, 330, 331
Maritana, 19, 327, 330, 331, 334, 335

Wilkie 2015

Douglas Wilkie

The journal of Madame Callegari: the true story behind Alexandre Dumas's 1855 Journal de Madame Giovanni

([Melbourne]: Historia Incognita, 2015) 

Wills 2015

Rob Wills

Alias Blind Larry: the mostly true memoir of James Laurence the singing convict

(North Melbourne: Arcadia/Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015) 


Brownrigg 2016

Jeff Brownrigg

"The legend of Frank the poet: convict heritage recovered or created?"

Journal of Australian Colonial History 18 (July 2016), 1-22;dn=342528354865087;res=IELHSS (PAYWALL)

Clarke 2016

Andrew Clarke

"Loder & Sons, Bath: a band of musicians"

In Temperley 2016 (below), 76-105

Szuster 2016

Julja Szuster

"George Loder's contribution to musical life in colonial Australia"

In Temperley 2016 (below), 149-168

Temperley 2016

Nicholas Temperley (ed.)

Musicians of Bath and beyond: Edward Loder (1809-1865) and his family (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2016) (PREVIEW)

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