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Broadwood pianos in early colonial Australia

Dr GRAEME SKINNER (University of Sydney)

With the kind assistance of

ROBERT SIMONSON (Surrey History Centre, UK) 


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Graeme Skinner (University of Sydney), "Broadwood pianos in early colonial Australia",
Australharmony (an online resource toward the history of music and musicians in colonial and early Federation Australia):; accessed 25 June 2017


In November 2015, I received an unexpected email from Robert Simonson, archivist at the Surrey History Centre in England, and a specialist in one of the centre's prize holdings, the archives of John Broadwood and Sons. 

In answering a recent inquiry about an instrument currently in private hands in Victoria, Robert had come across the Australharmony entry on Alfred Mortimer Nesbitt (1854-1926). Nesbitt arrived in Australia from England in 1884, and lived first in Queensland and later in Victoria. It seems that, in addition to his other activities as a music teacher and examiner, reviewer, and cricketer, Nesbitt also, on at least one occasion, imported a piano, the details of which, from Broadwoods records, Robert kindly summarised:

Tuesday 23 February 1892 (ref. 2185/JB/42/154b)
A. M. Nesbitt esq., Little Clive, South Yarra, Melbourne
A no. 11 Upt. Grand PF Rosewood a to a no. 82600, £75, tuning hammer, zinc and deal cases marked NNN Melbourne, delivered at SWI [South West India] Docks to ship per 'Gulf of Mexico'. Shipping expenses and freight £2-0-6. Insurance 18/6. We to receive no. 7 RW from ditto to credit, one instrument in lieu of the other. We to pay freight and insurance of the no. 11, no charge. B/L [bill of lading] to order of Mr Nesbitt to be sent to him. Wales [name of the porter, who would have delivered piano to docks in London]

This entry is quite unusual as more often Broadwoods dealt with dealers in Australia, such as Whitehouse in Brisbane, who imported lots of pianos from Broadwoods. The practice of taking back old pianos in exchange for new ones does happen from time to time but I have not seen an instance over such a distance before. Customers are marked in the records as W [wholesale], R [retail] and sometimes P [professional]. Those identified as professional musicians, as Nesbitt is, were often treated quite generously by the company, hiring pianos at no charge for example.

There are a lot of references in the records to the export of pianos to Australia from the 1820s onwards, starting with people like John Edwards in Sydney, but as I say, generally to dealers rather than individual customers. The archive is very extensive so it would take some time to quarry out all the details.

John Edwards, a violinist and a professor of music, being one of Sydney's leading musical figures in the second half of the 1820s, I asked Robert what more he could tell me about Edwards and other Australian Broadwoods transactions in the 1820s and 1830s. Robert's answers, including both detailed transcripts and his explanations, arrived over several more emails, and they now appear in date sequence below. I will gradually add data from local colonial sources.

While I am building this page, relevant colonial materials I have so far tagged in TROVE can be viewed here 


"John Broadwood and Sons piano manufacturers: research guide", Surrey History Centre

Robert Simonson, "The archives of John Broadwood and Sons: two centuries of musical history"

Early Music Performer (Journal of the National Early Music Association) 18 (2006), 25-33 

[Abstract] The business records of John Broadwood and Sons, held at Surrey History Centre, Woking, form one of the best preserved archives of any major piano manufacturing company. The rich resources of the archive can be used to study the history of the firm and individual pianos, as well as changes in musical and cultural life over more than two centuries. The Broadwood archive was originally deposited with the then Surrey Record Office in 1977, and has been subject to a major project over the years, both to catalogue the material in detail and to conserve many of the most important documents in the collection.


Thomas Laycock's piano

Broadwood archive, porters book, 10 April 1799 ((ref. 2185/JB/42/1)

A SPF add ff 4362 and cover, addressed Mr Thomas Laycock, Deputy Commissary, NS Wales, delivered to Farlow to be shipped on board the Ann, Captain Dennet. [Note in margin of entry shows the piano was £27.6, cover £1.2, strings £1.3 [presumably spare set - this is not uncommon for pianos going overseas], tin case £1.11.6, deal case 13s, shipping and wharfage, 8s 6d, total £32.4]

"DIED", The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (31 December 1809), 2

On Wednesday, at his house in Pitt's Row, after a long and painful illness, THOMAS LAYCOCK, Esq. in his 54th year.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (31 December 1809), 1

SALE by AUCTION, BY MR. BEVAN, On Thursday next the 4th of January, 1810, on the Premises of Mr. Laycock, deceased, in Pitt's Row, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, ALL the Neat Household Furniture, consisting of Bedsteads, Beds, Bolsters, Blankets, and Mattrasses, Tables and Chairs, Table Linen, Sheeting, a small Quantity of Plate, Knives, Forks, and all kinds of Kitchen Furniture, a quantity of Wearing Apparel, some fine Hyson Tea, Sugar, Wine and Spirits, an elegant Piano-Forte with Music Books. Afterwards will be Sold, Two very fine Horses either to ride or drive, an elegant Curricle and fashionable Chaise, with Plated Harness to both. Also, a new Cart and Harness, and sundry other Articles. Prompt payment will be required on delivery of the Goods in such Bills as the Trustees approves of, or Copper Coin.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (31 March 1810), 2

SALES by AUCTION, BY MR. BEVAN, At his Rooms in High Street, Sydney, on Monday next the 2d of April, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon ... an elegant piano forte ...

Commentary (GS):

In his long awaited and only recently released study, The First Fleet piano: a musician's view (Lancaster 2015), Geoffrey Lancaster presents and discusses a great deal of useful documentation concerning Thomas Laycock, former quartermaster of the NSW Corps, and his piano (or pianos). Of particular interest is evidence that, after his death, Elizabeth Macarthur bought Laycock's piano, or one of them, at (or after) it was auctioned, in January 1810. Lancaster (volume 1, 650, 657) cites Broadbent (summarising from the Macarthur Papers):

Elizabeth Macarthur appears to have replaced Worgan's piano with a larger and finer instrument (perhaps a piano in upright form) that was purchased at auction in Sydney from the estate of Thomas Laycock [1756?-1809] for the then substantial sum of £85 . . . Either Mrs. Macarthur had been practising assiduously since Worgan's departure, or she was determined to give her daughters the early opportunities she herself had lacked.

Though Lancaster discusses at some length the Laycock auction and Elizabeth Macarthur's purchase, unfortunately he did not source and present the original documentation for the Macarthur purchase, and also appears to have been unaware of the Broadwood archive evidence presented here.

On documentation for the Macarthur purchase, see: 


Elizabeth Macquarie's piano

Broadwood archive, porters' book, 20 January 1808 (ref 2185/JB/42/4)

A Grand PF add 3 pedals no. 3933 & cover [for] Col Macquarie, Perth, delivered to Miss Meredith's, 58 Charlotte Street, Portland Place [Broadwood porters] Jefferd & Lovell.

Broadwood archive, porters' book, 26 January 1808 (ref 2185/JB/42/4)

Bringing Grand PF in a case from Miss Meredith's, 58 Charlotte Street, Portland Place, addressed Col Macquaire, Perth, & taking it to Downes Wharf goes per ship Bridport Packet, Captain Thomas Wishart, for Dundee and Perth, and paid wharfage and sufferance 2/-. Insurance & duty £1.8.11 [Broadwood porter] Roff.

Broadwood archive, porters' book, 25 February 1809 (ref 2185/JB/42/5a)

Bringing Grand PF in a case from Millers Wharf. Paid freight & carriage from Millers Wharf and repair [presumably brought from Scotland].

Broadwood archive, porters' book, 17 April 1809 (ref 2185/JB/42/5b)

Taking Grand PF repaired and tuned and screwed in your own case lined with Tin, your cover & several parcels your own enclosed. Mrs Macquarie, No.14 [? number indistinct] Albemarle Street, addressed Lieut-Col Macquarie, 73rd Regiment, Portsmouth, delivered at the White Horse, Friday Street [coaching inn in London], goes by Peters & Co, Waggon. [Broadwood porter] Dowden.

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 20 January 1808 to 17 April 1809 (Sales ledger H, 1808-1811, ref: 2185/JB/29/5/3, fol.3)

Col Macquarie, Perth
By ledger G fol.605 £31.10.0
By deduction on GP £10.10.00
By Cash £42.15.11

[20 January 1808] To a grand PF ad and cover delivered at Miss Meredith's, 58 Charlotte Street, £80.15.0

[21 January 1808] A case for GPF £2.2.0 Matt Paper & packing at 58 Charlotte Street, £2.5.0

[26 January 1808] Carriage of GPF & case from do to Downs Wharf & paid Wharf, 2/-, 7/-; Paid Insurance & Duty, £1.8.11

[25 February 1809] Carriage of GPF & case from the wharf, 5/-, & paid freight of d[itt]o, £1.17.8

[17 April 1809] Repairing GPF, £2.2.0, a tin case, £3.13.6, packing d[itto], 6/-, carriage to the Inn, 5/-, £6.6.6; To transfer from Miss Meredith fol.205, 10/-


Ellis Bent's piano

Broadwood archive, sales ledger, 7 September 1811 (Ledger I, names A-I (1811-15); ref. 2185/JB/29/7/1, page 48)

Mr. J. H. Bent, Lincolns Inn Fields, [also says Old Square, Lincolns Inn] 7 September 1811. To a Best [square] PF drawers £43 1s, cover £1 8s, [spare set of] strings £1 11s 6d, tin £1 18s and deal £1 12s cases, shipping £1 10s, total £51 6d

Broadwood archive, porters book (ref. 2185/JB/42/7A)

SPF [square pianoforte] solid [this is the 'suitable for a hot climate' description] with drawers no.15592 addressed Ellis Bent esq, [2 words illegible, part of address?], Sydney, New South Wales, delivered at Mr Farlow's, Hungerford [Market, London], to ship on board the transport [illegible, ship name?]


Pianos shipped to Messrs. Ridley and Walker

Broadwood archive, 5 September 1821

Broadwoods consigned 6 square pianos to Mr. Farlows [shipping agents] for delivery to Messrs. Riley and Walker, Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales (ref. 2185/JB/29/16/1 p383-4). They were shipped on the Active, Captain Richard Charlton. Total cost was £264 15s 6d, including the usual packing and shipping extras. Annotations in the ledger show that 3 of the pianos were re-shipped by Riley and Walker from Port Jackson to Messrs. Kemp and Co. of Hobart Town (ref. 2185/JB//29/16/1 p405-6).


Pianos shipped to John Edwards

The customer ledger entries for John Edwards begin in 1824 (ref. 2185/JB/29/16/1, p233). Broadwoods normally enter cross-references to pages in next and previous ledgers for customers where entries exist. There is no cross-ref for Edwards to a previous ledger, but perhaps his link with George Smart explains Broadwoods generous treatment of him as Smart was well known to them.

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 18 September 1824 to 11 October 1824, (ref. 2185/JB/29/16/1, p233)

Mr John Edwards, Port Jackson
Saturday 18 September 1824
a 6 O[ctave] SPF RC [rounded corners] £28.7, tin and deal cases £1.6 and £1.5
3 SPF DA £23.2 each, tin and deal cases £1.6 and £1.5
a 6 O Cottage PF (in the cabin) £37.16
Two leather covers for SP at 26s, £2.12
A set of grasshoppers for ditto -.10.6 [i.e. 10s 6d]
Two doe skins £1.18, 2 pounds of glue -.2.6
6 pounds steel wire £1.16, 3 pounds brass 15s, 1 pound copper -.5.6
3 sets of spun strings at 9s each
1 gross of screws assorted 3s
3 tuning hammers -.4.6 and 3 tuning forks -.4.6
2 pounds of hitch pins at -.5.3
A set of drilled pins for pianoforte -.10.6
Paid duty and shipping charges £2.14.6
Insurance and policy £6.10
Freight and primage £12.18.2
To cash advanced to him for passage £84
11 October 1824:
to cash £30 By gift £30
By ledger M folio 300 £262.15.2

Broadwood archive, porters book, 18 September 1824 (ref. 2185/JB/42/16)

Saturday 18 September 1824
3 SP DA nos. 29814, 29744, 29179, 2 covers, tin and deal cases
A 6 O SP pl RC no. 30041 tin and deal cases
[then lists items as in ledger entry]
delivered at Mr Farlow's to be shipped on the Harvey, Captain Daniel Peache for Port Jackson
A 6 Octave Cott PF no. 207 delivered at the London Docks to be placed in the cabin
Millett [Broadwood porter]
[18 September is the date Broadwoods sent off the piano and other goods. The ship presumably sailed somewhat later]

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 1826-1833 (ref. 2185/JB/29/20/1, p300 and 309)

22 April 1826 6 SPF for £214.2 [entry hard to read]
8 May 1826 to insurance of 1 cask of fur skins £4.2
4 July 1826 to insurance of 6 tons of Elephant oil valued £150, £3.10
17 August 1826, 1 6½ octave GPF (cost £74.11) and 2 6 octave SPF, per the Denmark Hill, Captain Foreman, for £195.16
22 February 1827 to cash to Bramah and Co, £9.7.6
22 February 1827 to cash to Marshall £2.16.7
22 February 1827 to cash to Nock £2.2.2
18 April 1827, 6 SPF, 2 Cottage PF and 1 GPF, per the Alacrity, Captain John Findlay, for £459.1
20 November 1827 to cash paid Whitaker £74.10 [price of a grand piano]
23 November 1827, 2 SPF, per the Nunia [? ship name hard to read], Captain G. Wade, for £73.13
13 December 1827 to cash paid Cramer and Co. £8.19
16 January 1828, 3 SPF, per the Australia, Captain John Slight, for £137.17
25 January 1828 to cash to Mr. Greening £15.6
30 January 1828 to cash to Chappell and Co. £20
5 February 1828 to cash to P. & H. [Paine and Hopkins, see below] £60
9 February 1828 3 SPF per the Arab, Captain James Ferrier, for £133.16.6
11 March 1828 to cash paid Bramah and Co, £40.12.6
15 March 1828 to cash paid Mr Marshall £12.3.5
17 March 1828 2 SPF with veneered backs £37.16 each; 2 music stools £5 and case -.7.6; a picture and selection of music enclosed; leather cover for SPF £1.6, total £107.7, per the Britannia, Captain Blair
20 March 1828 to cash paid Mr. Nock £8.17.10
26 January 1829 to transfer from Messrs. Paine and Hopkins a/c folio 710, £30
3 August 1829 to cash to Marshall £3.17.6
31 August 1829 to transfer to Mr. Eavestaff's a/c [of Great Russell Street, London] folio 292, £11.10.3
30 July 1831 to cash paid Mr Nock £20
22 July 1826 by cash £67.2.1
17 August 1826 by Com[mission] Underwood £30.18
8 October 1827 by bill due 11 Nov £160
8 October 1827 by bill due 11 Nov £170
31 December 1827 by bill due 2 February £280
12 May 1828 by bill due 16 November £59.12.2
29 June 1829 by bill due 2 Aug £150
14 June 1830 by bill due 17 July £200
18 July 1830 by bill due 1 Aug £27.5
18 July 1830 by bill due 21 Aug £174
9 March 1833 by bill due 11 Apr £85
Carry to ledger N folio 316, £497.4.11

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 1 April 1833 (ref. 2185/JB/29/24/1, p316)

1 April 1833 A 6 O SPF, for £39.12.6

The piano was £29.8, but spare strings, cover, tin and deal cases, freight, shipping expenses and insurance adds a further £10 to the total. Most if not all of the entries above included all these extras in the total cost. The total owed was thus £536.17.5 and there is an undated noted in the hand of Thomas Broadwood transferring this amount to the Doubtful ledger (which does not survive). This appears to be the end of Broadwoods relationship with Edwards.

Broadwood archive, porters book, 22 April 1826 (ref. 2185/JB/42/17)

Gives the serial numbers of the pianos 31686, 32332, 32495, 32517, 32786 and 32839 and notes that 3 parcels of music from Messrs. Cramer and Co. were enclosed. The pianos were delivered at Mr. Farlows to be shipped on the Medora, Captain James R. Glendon. Freight was £20.7, shipping expenses £3.16 and insurance £8.12.

Broadwood archive, porters book, 18 April 1827 (ref. 2185/JB/42/17)

Gives the serial numbers of the square pianos, 33268, 33269, 33481, 33586, 33796 and 33906, cottage pianos 517 and 540 and grand piano 11092.

Broadwood archive, porters book, 16 January 1828 (ref. 2185/JB/42/19)

Gives serial numbers of 33598, 33863 and 33983.

The porters book entry for 17 August 1826 is illegible (past damp damage) and the entries for 23 November 1827, 9 February and 17 March 1828 are in one of the few porters books that doesn't survive (odd and even numbered dates are in different books) but wouldn't add much more than the serial numbers in reality.

Broadwood archive, porters book, 1 April 1833 (ref. 2185/JB/42/23)

Gives the serial number of 40072 and states that the piano was to be shipped on the Mary, Captain J. Jurcan junior.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (7 July 1825), 3 

MR. JOHN EDWARDS, Professor of Music, from London, begs Permission to announce his Arrival in this Colony, with a Selection of the best Pianofortes, from the Manufactory of Messrs. BROADWOOD, from whom he will receive regular Supplies. He has also Violins, and other Musical Instruments, with a large Assortment of Fashionable Music.
J. E. trusts, that his experience as a Teacher of the Pianoforte, Violin, and Singing, in the metropolis of England, combined with unremitting attention to the progress of his Pupils, and the very flattering testimonials with which Sir G. SMART, and other eminent Professors honoured him on his leaving England, will ensure him the confidence of those who may wish to receive Musical Instruction.
Address Mr J. Edwards, 61, Pitt-street, Sydney.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (9 January 1826), 3 

MR. EDWARDS, Professor of Music and Singing, at Mr. Hankinson's, nearly opposite the Wharf, George-street, begs to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen of Sydney, &c. that being about immediately to order a Selection of PIANOFORTES from the House of Messrs. Broadwood's, in London, he will be happy to include in that Order Instruments of any particular sort or fashion, to suit the taste or convenience of those who wish to possess them, of the best quality and manufacture; and to guarantee the delivery of such Instruments, upon their arrival here, in the same good order and condition as if taken immediately from the Manufactory in London. Application to be made on or before the 19th Instant. Mr. Edwards continues to give Instruction in Singing, and on the Pianoforte and Violin, as usual.

[Advertisement], The Monitor (13 October 1826), 7 

PIANO FORTES. MR. EDWARDS, having received per Medora, an In[vest]ment of Piano-Fortes, from the celebrated house of Broadwood and Sons, begs to acquaint the ladies and gentlemen of the colony, that the same are ready for inspection at his apartments, 10, George-street. A selection of fashionable Music for the Piano-Forte, &c. by the same conveyance.

"DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE", The Monitor (20 January 1827), 2 

MR. EDWARDS the musical professor, has opened a Warehouse in Underwood's Buildings, George Street, with a very choice display of Instruments, and a selection of the latest and most popular airs and other superior compositions now in vogue in London and Paris. His Piano-fortes by Broadwood surpass in excellence any ever imported to this Colony by many degrees, and were exceedingly cheap. His music is equally reasonable. Mr. Edwards imported and has still on hand a considerable quantity of the best elementary books of instruction for youth we ever looked over in this Colony. We are glad Mr. E. has taken a Warehouse for the better exhibition of these valuable books. They need only be examined by parents, guardians, and instructors of youth, to find a ready sale. We were surprised in selecting a quantity the other day, to observe, the great judgment displayed in the selection by him who imported them into the Colony.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (29 October 1827), 4 

MR. EDWARDS begs to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen of Sydney, &c. that he has just received, per the Alacrity, an INVESTMENT OF GRAND, COTTAGE, and SQUARE PIANO-FORTES, by Messrs. BROADWOOD, of the same Quality with those he has hitherto Sold, and that they remain for Inspection and Sale at his Music Warehouse, A 9, George-street.

[Advertisement], The Monitor (22 November 1827), 3 

MUSIC AND MIUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE, NO. 9. GEORGE STREET. MR. EDWARDS begs to announce to the public, that in addition to his late Investment per Alacrity, he has just received by the Mary, an Assortment of Musical Instruments of various descriptions; and has the honour of offering for inspection; Barrel Organs, Guitars (spanish) Pedal Harps, the Anglicia or Musical Glasses, Broadwood's Piano Fortes, Grand, Harmonic, and horizontal; plain, or ornamented; fastened for tropical climates or otherwise. AEolian harps, Flageolets, and Flutes of various sorts. Military fifes and Piccolas [piccolos]; Clarionets, Violins, Tenors, Kent and other Bugles; Harp, Guitar, and Violin Strings; Music paper, and Books ruled &c &c &c.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (26 September 1829), 4 

Elegant Pianofortes for Sale. MR. EDWARDS begs to call the Attention of the Public to an Assortment of Grand and Harmonic, or Cottage and Square, BROADWOOD PIANOFORTES, which he has on Sale at Messrs. BARWISE & WELLER'S, Merchants, George-street, near the King's Wharf.


Pianos shipped to William Vincent Wallace

[News], The Australian (9 September 1836), 2 

We understand that Mr. W. Wallace has received a letter per Waterloo, informing him of a large shipment of Pianos, which are consigned to him, and which have been selected by that celebrated pianist Henri Herz, from the house of Broadwood and Erard.

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 9 May 1837 (ref. 2185/JB/29/27/3)

[page 856] Mr. Wm. Wallace, Sidney [sic], NS Wales
9 May 1837 per Lord William Bentinck
Semi Gd. PF £61.19
6 Oct[ave] Cabinet PF polished £53.11
Sq. PF patent £42
Sq. PF pl RC [round corners ?] polished £31
2 Sq. PF pl pla polished £28.18 each
all with spare sets of strings 7s6d each and tin and deal cases (£1.6 and £1.5 each respectively for the squares, and £3 and £2.13 for the Semi GP and £3 and £2.12.6 for the Cabinet)

Total cost was £270 6d which was paid by cash on 4 August 1837.
There are no cross-references to entries in next and previous ledgers, so this looks like a one-off transaction. Henri Herz also has entries in the same ledger (p353 and 420), which include commissions paid to him for various piano sales but in his entries which cover 1835-1838 there is no commission for Wallace.

The porters book (ref. 2185/JB/42/27) gives the serial numbers:
6 Octave Semi Gd. 828
6 Octave Cabinet 7584
6 Octave Sq. Patent 48099
6 Octave Sq. RC 48375
6 Oct. Sq. pl pla 48262 and 48343
The entry goes on to say:

delivered at the St Katherine's Dock as per order of John Masson esq., 5 Lime Street Square. Invoice to ditto. All arrangements with regard to the payment, insurance, shipping etc will be attended to by Mr. Masson. Edwards [porter].

[Advertisement], The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (14 October 1837), 3 

Ex Lord William Bentinck.
BEGS to apprise his Friends and the Public in general, that he has received by the above vessel from his London Agents, a few elegant modern Pianofortes, from the well-known makers,
and selected expressly for him, by HENRI HERTZ [recte HERZ], the celebrated Pianist, and they will be on view in a few days at his residence, Regent Terrace, Hunter-street.
A large assortment of the latest compositions for the Pianoforte, by Herz, Czerny, Hummel, &c.
N. B. - The present investment is the second portion of these Pianos he received, ex Royal George, which have been so highly approved of.


[Advertisement], The Sydney Herald (23 October 1837), 1 

New Musical Instruments,
BEGS to inform the Public, that in addition to his former stock of Broadwood and Collard's Pianofortes, he has received some splendid toned Cabinet and Cottage Instruments, selected by Henri Herz, which he is determined to sell considerably less than any yet disposed of in the Colony, having been purchased in London for Cash.
All Pianofortes purchased from Ellard kept in tune for twelve months, free of charge.
Musical Instruments manufactured and correctly repaired.
Music Saloon, George-street, opposite the Barrack Gate.

[Advertisement], The Sydney Monitor (27 October 1837), 1 

[Repeats Ellard advertisement of 23 October 1837 above, also:]

SALES BY AUCTION . . . BY ISAAC SIMMONS & CO., on WEDNESDAY, the 1st proximo, at Eleven o'clock precisely, who have been honored with instructions to sell by Public Auction, all the genuine Household Furniture, &c., throughout Col. Wilson's capital residence at Spencer Lodge, over looking the superb Mercantile and Shipping Store of Messrs. Wright and Long, Miller's Point. It comprises every thing requisite for an infinity of Bed Chambers, Drawing-rooms, Parlours, Dining rooms, &c., and the whole in excellent condition; a brilliant toned horizontal Grand Piano-forte by Broadwood . . .


Various importers

Broadwood archive, customer ledger, 1834-1845 (19/2)

This ledger has entries for:

Ranulph Dacre, Sydney, pages 61-62, 1840-1843

William Orr, then Alexander Orr, Hobart, pages 63-64, 1840-1843

Messrs. Willis, Keogh and Co., Launceston, continuing as Messrs. William, Jackson and Co., pages 95-6, 1843-1844

All three carry forward to the next ledger, which covers 1845-1859.

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