Published recordings including Murriny Patha Song
(See also Collections for an annotated chronology of recordings of Murriny Patha song.)
  • Simpson, C. (1948). Aboriginal music from Northern Territory of Australia 1948, with annotations by Professor A.P. Elkin [set of 11 12" audio discs]. Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Commission. Side 19 (track 2) and Side 20 (tracks 1-4) are of a Daly/Fitzmaurice group singing a song about a trip in a truck, accompanied by boomerang clapsticks This is probably balga.

  • Mountford, C. P. (1949). American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land 1948. Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Commission. One track, side 15 (3) "non-secret Brinken song" recorded at Delissaville (Belyuen) [probably from Simpson's 1948 recordings]. Balga style with clapsticks.

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  • Moyle, A. M. (1967). Songs from the Northern Territory, volume 5 [LP disc recording re-released on audio compact disc 1997]. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. Tracks 11 contains four djanba-balga songs from a mixed group including Barney Munggin and Sugar Garbat, recorded at Darwin Eisteddfod, 1962, by Alice M. Moyle (see further details on unpublished Moyle recordings of these performers in Collections).

  • Moyle, A. M. (1977). Songs from the Kimberleys. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. Track 8 contains 5 items said in the notes to the recording to be djanba, performed by a mixed group of men and women led by Dusty Alpha and Pannikin Manbi recorded by Alice Moyle at Kununurra in 1968. According to Murriny Patha speakers at Wadeye this recording is not djanba, but actually balga, possibly from Wyndham area, and indeed the musical style is much more similar to balga or junba (see Treloyn 2003) than to djanba. Alice Moyle's unpublished recordings made at Kununurra in 1968 do include a session of djanba singing led by Pannikin Manbi (see further details in Collections).

  • Prokopec, M. (1969). Didjeridoo: Musique aborigène d'Australie [LP record, re-released on audio compact disc 1996]. Boulogne sur Seine: Playasound Collection PS65167. Track 1 "The chant of the Port Keats men" records a group of men recorded at Howard Springs Station near Darwin in July 1969. Although the songs performed are wangga style (a series originally composed by Jimmy Mulluk from Belyuen), two of the main singers were Murriny Patha men who went on to become leaders of djanba singing at Wadeye: "Laurence Biellum" (L. Kolumboort) and "Felix Yum-bunyi" (F. Bunduck).