Summer Scholarship

Applications are now open for the Charles Perkins Centre Summer Research Scholarships.

The eHealth Revolution

Australia is in the midst of an eHealth revolution and medical practitioners who don't adopt new technology in their healthcare delivery risk being left behind.

Sweeteners hit sour note

University of Sydney researchers confirm widespread bias in industry-funded research into artificial sweeteners.

Precision medicine

Thanks to new research in precision medicine, advances that were once only imaginable as science fiction are becoming closer to our health reality.

Meet and move

An award-winning new app will give young people the chance to connect and make new friends while exercising when it is piloted for the first time at the University of Sydney this July.

Charles Perkins Centre

At the Charles Perkins Centre we are dedicated to easing the global burden of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions through innovative research and teaching. We're finding solutions that will inform and reform the health of the world.

The cause and consequences of these diseases are more complicated than biology alone. That's why we're bringing together scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the interconnectedness of our environment, food and health.