Our mission and goals

Our mission is to ease the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by generating collaborative interdisciplinary research and education that translates into real-world solutions.

Why is the Charles Perkins Centre different?

We are not the first to attempt to solve these problems, so why should we expect to succeed where others have not?

Most other initiatives worldwide have focused on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease as medical conditions, concentrating on their complex biology at the levels of genes, cells and organs. These are important areas for research, but the causes and consequences of these diseases are much more complicated than biology alone.

We need to improve our understanding of the impact of other factors, such as our psychological makeup, our education, the cultural norms we grow up with, the economic pressures that shape our lives, our built environment, and the agricultural and food industries we depend on for food.

That’s why we are taking a different approach, by:

  • bringing many of our best minds from the medical sciences together with our experts from the arts and social sciences, architecture, business studies, education and social work, engineering and information technology, and the physical, life and environmental sciences
  • working closely with communities, government agencies, the health and education systems, urban planners, legislators and policy makers, charities and non-governmental organisations, agriculture, and the private sector
  • investing in a major building, our 'hub', that provides new teaching and research spaces specially designed to encourage and support collaboration (officially opening in mid-2014).