Centre staff



Professor Stephen Simpson

Academic Director

Michael Milne

Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Robinson

Executive Assistant to Academic Director and Chief Operating Officer

Ariz Alam

Executive Officer

Joel Smith

Director of Development

Dr Ian Garthwaite

Laboratory Services Manager – Research

Dr Jane Radford

Laboratory Services Manager – Education

Dr Lise Mellor

Senior Research and Project Officer

Amber Colhoun

Research and Project Officer

Ayse Burke

Project Officer

Professor Marie Carroll

Director of Education Program Development

Tagrid Yassine

Senior Project Officer, Education

Katherine Wassens

Executive Administrator, Education

Professor Dagan Feng

Charles Perkins Centre Liason Officer for Biomedical Engineering and Technology; Academic Director of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University - University of Sydney Biomedical Engineering Joint Research Alliance

Professor Stephen Twigg

Charles Perkins Centre Liason Officer for Clinical Medicine, Central Campus