Award courses

The Charles Perkins Centre education team will work with theme leaders and the University community to develop new award courses.

Once a new program has been approved and handed over to the host faculty(ies), the centre's education team will continue to assist with marketing, ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Larger award courses (such as a master's degree) will be modular, so each component can function as a core unit of study, a short course, or a seminar.

A model for award education

The Charles Perkins Centre will design and develop a modular template for a suite of education programs that will include:

  1. Mandatory core units (common to all award programs)
    a) Nature of Systems (Theme: Complex Systems)
    b) Quality Framework (Theme: Complex Systems)
    c) Evaluattion
    d) Introduction to the Charles Perkins Centre research agenda
  2. Specialist disciplinary core
  3. Electives (discipline/specialist specific)
  4. Capstone experience (research projects)
    a) context-specific challenges resourced by Charles Perkins Centre nodes
    b) conduit to PhD projects

Linking a program with the Charles Perkins Centre

We welcome expressions of interest from faculties looking to collaborate on the development of new education initiatives, or an expansion of existing education ones. For more information, please contact:

Gemma Ashton
Senior Project Officer, Education
Charles Perkins Centre
T +61 2 9351 7040
F +61 2 9351 3682