Intensive short courses


The centre’s education team works with leaders of the research project nodes to develop their research into opportunities for:

  • evidence-based short courses, seminars and workshops
  • non-award education activities, such as intensive seminars leveraged off an existing program/unit.

These include:

  • identifying such opportunities as part of the expression of interest process for project nodes
  • marketing and managing the implementation of project node educational activities, including robust evaluation to ensure continuous improvement of the model.


Nature of Systems (Part 1)

Two days, 16 and 23 May 2015

This short course aims to introduce concepts of complex systems for the understanding of multi-dimensional, multi-scale problems. Systems approaches are increasingly being recognised as essential for unravelling the complex network of influences on human health, from biology and nutrition to economics and society. The unit is highly interdisciplinary and as such, there is no assumed prior knowledge or course prerequisites.

Quality Frameworks (Part 1/3)

Two days, 30 May and 6 June 2015

In this course students will be exposed to the status of quality as a health priority, an overview of the management systems that facilitate innovation, the process for design and development and the management of risk. Experts in clinical practice, medical technology industry, innovation and commercialisation have contributed to the design of this course and will also be involved in its delivery via a series of real world examples.

Get your papers published: Proven strategies to get your papers into peer-reviewed journals - faster and with more impact

One day, 27 July 2015

This one-day workshop is based on extensive linguistic research into the essential elements of successfully published peer reviewed research papers. It will guide you thorough a step-by step formula that takes the uncertainty, confusion and inefficiency out of the paper-writing process, regardless of your level of experience.