Featured events

Charles Perkins Centre Annual Oration

8 December 2014
The Charles Perkins Centre was delighted to welcome Nobel Laureate Professor Bruce Beutler to present the inaugural oration on his discovery of receptor proteins on the surface of immune cells. These proteins recognise microorganisms and activate innate immunity - the body's first line of defence against potentially harmful pathogens.

Who's afraid of the nanny state?

28-29 April 2014
Fear of an emergent nanny state is a familiar theme in ongoing debates about what governments ought to do to protect the health of the community. In a unique, interdisciplinary conference, co-hosted by Sydney Law School and the Charles Perkins Centre, this issue was explored in detail.

eHealth and mHealth workshop and roundtable

6 October 2013
This one-day program provided the opportunity for students and staff from disciplines as diverse as dietetics, pharmacy and engineering (human-computer interactions) to discuss new technologies that could be applied to digital and mobile health outcomes.