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Protein and carbs, not calories, hold the key to a long life

28 May
Low protein, high carbohydrate diets could be just as effective as low calorie diets at promoting a long life and good heart and digestive health.

New research from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre shows the long-reported benefits associated with caloric restriction diets could also be reached with a low protein, high carbohydrate diet.

Published in Cell Reports, the research marks 80 years since the publication of a seminal paper showing that restricting calorie intake in rats by around 40 per cent prolonged their lives. Since that time, caloric restriction without starvation has been found to extend lifespan and improve metabolic health in organisms from yeast cells and worms to mice and monkeys. Read more

Professor Holmes, new fellow of the Australian Academy of Science on predicting the next pandemic

25 May
Decades after his high school biology teacher forbade him from reading about evolution Professor Edward Holmes, from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, is a world-leading expert on viral evolution and has today been named a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science for his significant contributions to this field.

The Academy's honour recognises how Professor Holmes' research "has revealed the fundamental processes of microbial evolution, determined the origin and evolution of major human pathogens including influenza, dengue and the AIDS virus." Read more

Bigger than the both of us: Obesity is best tackled at a community level

24 April
The worth of community-level, community-led interventions in addressing obesity was emphasised by Professor Stephen Simpson and Professor Rosemary Calder, Mitchell Institute for Health Director at Victoria University in a co-written article published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the article