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Free open course to help doctors join the eHealth revolution

30 August
Australia is in the midst of an eHealth revolution and medical practitioners who don't adopt new technology in their healthcare delivery risk being left behind, according to a University of Sydney expert.
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Marketing to nurses to influence hospital purchasing decisions

5 April
The Charles Perkins Centre's Dr Quinn Grundy talks about a new study on how Hospital-based nurses have high levels of contact with pharmaceutical and medical device sales people, but receive little guidance about managing purchasing decisions.

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Why being fat is an advantage for ants

18 March
Lean forager ants suffer malnutrition faster and die earlier than their fatter nest-based worker ant counterparts, according to new research co-authored by Professor Stephen Simpson.

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What Coca-Cola isn't telling you about its health funding in Australia

24 February
Coca-Cola is bankrolling a campaign to focus the discussion about obesity in Australia on exercise and away from diet as the solution to the health epidemic.

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We can't close the gap on health unless we talk about nutrition

11 February
Diet is the single most important factor in the chronic disease epidemic facing Aboriginal communities

The 2016 Closing the Gap report fails to address nutrition despite its crucial importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, argues Professor Stephen Simpson.

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Experts rank the best apps for weight loss

11 February
How to choose an app that will change behaviour

A new study from the Charles Perkins Centre has ranked the best apps for weight loss according to their accuracy, scientific basis, and ability to change behaviour.

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Study explains elastin’s remarkable movements

6 February
Protein that gives blood vessels and skin their strength and flexibility has its molecular motions revealed.

Elastin is a crucial building block; during a person’s life, the elastin in a blood vessel, for example, will go through an estimated two billion cycles of pulsation. But how the tissue achieved this flexibility remained a mystery. A paper published in Science Advances reports the discovery by an international group of researchers was a surprise, with the dynamics likened to the molecule doing a ballet dance.

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University of Sydney scholars named among world's most influential scientific minds

20 January
Professor Adrian Bauman from the Charles Perkins Centre has been selected as one of the world's most influential scientific minds.

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