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Western Sydney unites to fight obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

14 November
Politicians, health practitioners, schools, hospitals and community groups united at a landmark event on 14 November to address the growing impact of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease on Western Sydney.

The Charles Perkins Centre Nepean, based at the University of Sydney's Nepean Clinical School, will bring together world-leading obesity experts with Western Sydney's health and policy frontline to find practical solutions to the region's number one health priority.

"We're starting a grassroots movement to make sure people in the community who are suffering from obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease know what to do and where to go to receive the best possible support," said Professor Michael Peek, Director of the Charles Perkins Centre Nepean and Associate Dean of Sydney Medical School Nepean.

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Combatting Australia's fastest-growing chronic disease

Professor Stephen Twigg in laboratory

14 November
In 2013 there were 382 million people living with diabetes globally. This is expected to increase by 55 percent to 592 million in the next two decades, however the Charles Perkins Centre is working to tackle this. Its research into the treatment and understanding of diabetes and its complications has been given a boost, thanks to a generous gift from a patient with diabetes.

Greg Brown was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 25 years ago. For more than a decade he has been treated by Professor Stephen Twigg, who holds the Stan Clark Chair in Diabetes and is Kellion Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Sydney.

So impressed by the diabetes research being undertaken by Professor Twigg, and the approach of the Charles Perkins Centre, Mr Brown has gifted the University with half a million dollars to establish the Greg Brown Laboratory, with the aim of better understanding diabetes and its complications, to give people living with the illness hope for a healthier and longer life.

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Exclusive trial of new nutritious and convenient weight loss program

Screengrab from Total wellbeing diet website

A new website has been launched to facilitate up to 5000 Australians invited to participate in an online trial of the new CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, a nutritious and convenient weight loss program. The 12-week program allows participants can check meal plans, track latest snacks or look up a workout while on the go. The exclusive introductory price of $99 will be fully refunded for participants who successfully complete the trial.

The new and enhanced diet has been developed by Charles Perkins Centre's Professor Jennie Brand-Miller and CSIRO's Professor Manny Noakes.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet online aims to offer better personalisation options to suit individual tastes and lifestyle. The new Total Wellbeing Diet diary instantly tallies food groups and shows participants where they're going right and wrong with their eating plan. From January 2015, participants will be able to search the complete Total Wellbeing Diet recipe collection online. Look up, save and track over 1000 recipes from the best-selling books.

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