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Diet conscious: How much can a panda bear?

panda in snow

22 July
Pandas are famously fussy eaters, but new research suggests there is method to their madness, with the animals switching between different species and parts of bamboo plants to maintain a balanced diet and reproduce.

According to the research - led by academics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-authored by Professor David Raubenheimer from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, Faculty of Veterinary Science and School of Biological Sciences - pandas migrate long distances to switch between the shoots and leaves of two different bamboo varieties. The four distinctive diets provide different levels of key nutrients, with shifts between the diets enabling the pandas to balance their calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen needs to successfully reproduce.

The first step: we all need to own the obesity problem

13 July
Television personality, fitness and nutritional ambassador Michelle Bridges wrote about her rcent visit to the Charles Perkins Centre in her weekly Fairfax LifeStyle column.

Generous gift supports Charles Perkins Centre

6 June
A $3 million gift from University supporters Judith and David Coffey will assist early career researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre.

Celebrating a new era of research and education

6 June
The University of Sydney officially launched our Charles Perkins Centre this week, paying tribute to one of our most inspirational and influential alumni.