Research facilities

research facilities

The research and education hub is purpose-built to foster collaboration, with open-plan offices, shared lab facilities with dedicated technicians, shared informal spaces, and numerous small meeting rooms for impromptu discussions.

The building is home to seven open-plan 80-person laboratories which host eight to 10 research groups, sharing equipment and support rooms.

State-of-the-art laboratories and support rooms contain co-located specialist equipment and each lab has an adjacent external write-up space including open-plan desks for research and technical staff and hot-desking for up to 36 higher degree research students and visiting collaborators.

The research and education hub will accommodate 900 researchers, with its research facilities including:

  • Seven 80-person open-plan laboratories with independent write-up spaces
  • 36 hot desks for visiting collaborators
  • co-located support rooms with specialist equipment
  • core facilities in cellular imaging, preclinical and clinical imaging, cytometry, genomics and proteomics.