Creating real change

"The Charles Perkins Centre will provide an environment where new perspectives can yield paradigm shifts in understanding and provide novel solutions." – Academic Director Professor Stephen Simpson

Research at the Charles Perkins Centre is driven by our belief in the value of the big picture. We look at problems from all angles, with the ultimate goal of creating healthier, more sustainable communities.

It’s never been more important to find real-world solutions to obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Where other research initiatives have approached these illnesses as medical conditions, concentrating solely on their biology, we recognise that these conditions involve more than biology alone.

We have brought together outstanding minds from within the University and beyond to improve our understanding of the impact of other factors on these conditions, including psychological makeup, education, cultural norms, economic pressures, the built environment, and the agricultural and food industries we depend on for food.

The centre pairs the University’s best minds in the medical sciences with experts from the arts and social sciences, architecture, business, education and social work, engineering and IT, and the physical, life and environmental sciences in a collaborative environment.

Our research and education hub provides new teaching and research spaces specially designed to encourage and support these collaborations.