Research groups

Metabolic Cybernetics - David James Lab

The James Lab is a very interactive group comprising talented postdoctoral fellows, students and research assistants from around the world. Their mission is to understand how metabolic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes take hold and in turn how to prevent them.

The Judith and David Coffey Life Lab

In 2012 the Charles Perkins Centre received a generous $2 million donation from Judith and David Coffey to create the Judith and David Coffey Life Lab. In 2014 they donated a further $3 million towards the ‘Life Lab’.

Greg Neely Lab

Thorn Lab

List of all research groups at Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub
Research Group Research Group Leader
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander food and nutrition Josephine Gwynn
Baby 1000 Adrienne Gordon
Bioinformatics Eddie Holmes
Boden Institute Ian Caterson
Boden Institute Stephen Colagiuri
Boden Institute Michael Skilton
Boden Institute Nick Fuller
Carbohydrate Nutrition Jennie Brand-Miller
Cardiac Imaging Stuart Grieve
Cardiovascular Physiology Peter Thorn
Cellular Imaging Filip Braet
Centenary Institute Mathew Vadas
Centenary Institute Philip Hogg
Centenary Institute Jeff Holst
Chair Lifespan Oral Health Joerg Eberhard
Cytometry Adrian Smith
Dietetics Margaret Allman-Farinelli
Economics Stefanie Schurer
Endocrinology & GK Brown Lab Stephen Twigg
Evidence, Influence & Policy Collaborative Lisa Bero
Exercise Health and Performance Kieron Rooney, Kate Edwards, Corinne Caillaud, Vicki Flood, Nathan Johnson
Exercise Science Manos Stamatakis
Functional Genomics Greg Neely
Gut Microbiology Andrew Holmes
Gut Microbiology Peter Reeves
Health and Economics Deborah Schofield
Health Communications Olaf Werder
Health Sciences Maria Fiatarone Singh
Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic Sharon Naismith
Heart Research Institute Shaun Jackson
Histopathology Nick King
Immunology Scott Byrne
Immunology Carl Feng
Immunology Jamie Triccas
Immunology Jim Manos
Immunology Barry Slobedman
Immunology Allison Abendroth
Immunology Warwick Britton
Immunology Peter McMinn
Improving Global Kidney Health Steven Chadban
Islet Biology and Metabolism Research Group Melkam Kebede
Lipid Metabolism Laboratory Andrew Hoy
Menzies Centre for Health Policy Andrew Wilson
Metabolic Systems Biology group David James / Melkam Kebede
Metabolism Arthur Conigrave
Metabolism Kim Bell-Anderson
Neuropathology Research Group Jillian Kril / Greg Sutherland
Nutrition Robyn Alders
Nutritional Ecology David Raubenheimer
Nutritional Ecology and Physiology Stephen Simpson
Nutritional Immuno-metabolism Stephen Simpson
Pathology Nick King
Pathology Paul Witting
Pathology Lenka Munoz
Pathology Brett Hambly
Pathology Bob Bao
Pathology Murat Kekic
Physiology Greg Cooney
Pre-Clinical Imaging Nana Sunn
Preventative Cardiology Robyn Gallagher
Prevention Research Collaboration Adrian Bauman
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (Weiss Lab) Anthony Weiss
Proteomics Stuart Cordwell
Proteomics / Core Facility Ben Crossett
Research in Implementation Science and eHealth (RISe) Tim Shaw
Sleep Research Group Philip de Chazal
Sleep Research Group Peter Cistulli
Sydney Environment Institute David Schlosberg & Iain McCalman
The TEMPO Team Amanda Salis
Theory and Methods in Bioscience Paul Griffiths
Transplant Alexandra Sharland
Transplant Huiling Wu
Veterinary Science Siobhan Mor
Veterinary Science Robyn Alders