Integrative systems

The Integrative Systems Lab (ISL) supports early career researchers in a highly interdisciplinary research environment to foster the development of novel complex systems approaches that combine multiscale mathematical and computational modelling with multidimensional and high throughput data.

These systems approaches are key to understanding the vast dynamic range of factors implicated in diseases associated with diet and lifestyle.

From individual cells and molecular biology to society and environment, new insights will be gained that will lead to new paradigms for preventative health into the future.

Meet our team

The Integrative Systems Lab team

(LtoR) Back row: Fatemeh Vafaee, Jenny Rollo, Nadia Banishahemi, Professor Zdenka Kuncic; Front row: Dr Fabian Held, Jemma Geoghegan, Oranit Gilad, Mark Read

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Associate Professor Zdenka Kuncic