Summer Research Scholarship Guidelines

Supporting multidisciplinary research in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease


The Charles Perkins Centre research strategy is built around the development and promotion of a range of collaborative, multidisciplinary activities that engage and connect the broadest possible research strengths and interests of the University and support the notions of Sydney as a community of engaged scholars”.

The research strategy is thematic and responsive to societal needs and has a focus on four major research domains:

  • Describing populations: the phenomenology of disease
  • The biology of disease
  • Putting biology in a societal and environmental context
  • Designing and implementing solutions

These research domains will be populated by interconnected research nodes, assisted by cross-cutting research themes and a set of underpinning technological capabilities.

Several themes run as threads throughout all four domains and offer a means of tying together the entire research network within the Centre, and linking beyond to research on infectious disease, food production, and environmental sustainability.

The proposed research themes include:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and energy expenditure
  • Complex systems and sustainability
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and nutrition
  • Politics, governance and ethics of health


To support these aims the Centre is offering a small number (up to ten), Summer Research Scholarships to provide students currently enrolled in any full-time undergraduate program the opportunity of undertaking research relevant to the research strategy, mission and goals of the Centre. These scholarships are intended to provide a unique experience that will encourage students to explore career and research options in the broader obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease areas.

The projects will provide students with the experience of working with well-established researchers, established and or emergent multidisciplinary research environments, high quality facilities and the opportunity to participate in research that might not be available elsewhere.

Funding guidelines

Support approved by the Academic Director and the CPC Executive Committee may be provided based on the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Alignment to and support of the achievement of the Centre’s research strategy, mission and goals;
  2. Relevance to the advancement of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease research at the University of Sydney;
  3. Involvement of staff from at least two faculties in the design and supervision of the project;
  4. Quality of the proposed supervisors and research environment;
    Research project outcomes that can be achieved within the period of the project;
  5. A recommended by the research team to support the proposed project;
  6. The project should be innovative and have the potential to seed new research and research collaboration opportunities.

Tenure and stipend

The period for which the Summer Research Scholarships will be awarded is eight weeks.

Projects may commence as soon as awarded and must conclude on 28 February, 2014.

Students on the project will receive a stipend of $300 per week (maximum of eight weeks).

The stipend will be paid in two installments at dates specified in the letter of offer.

Students must be available for a full eight weeks, taking into account the two week University closedown period over Christmas/New Year.

March 22, 2014 is the deadline for completion of a brief student report.

Presentations by the students of their work will be organised to coincide with the submission of the project report. Students must agree to having both themselves and their work profiled by the Centre in communications materials including, but not limited to, website, media and printed materials.


Students currently enrolled in any full-time undergraduate program are eligible to apply.

Students currently enrolled in a research-based Masters or PhD program or who have been awarded a research-based Masters or PhD degree are not eligible to apply.

Health Cover for non-resident students

Project recipients who are not eligible for Medicare must have valid medical and hospital insurance for the period of the Summer Research Scholarship. Proof of cover will be required upon commencement as a condition of eligibility for the project.


All applications will be assessed by the Charles Perkins Centre Executive Committee against the listed guidelines.


The project may be terminated at any time if the research or conduct of the student is deemed to be unsatisfactory or if ill-health seriously interferes with the research.

How to apply

To apply for a Summer Scholarship Project, interested students should submit their application form.

  • A completed application form
  • A one page outline of the proposed research project
  • Their academic record (including certified academic transcript for current degree)
  • Their CV (a summary of their work experience and other relevant activities)
  • A one page academic reference, using the form provided in the application form

Completed applications should be sent by email to Rosie Schulz

Applications for 2013 scholarships are now closed.