Complex systems and modelling

Research themes diagram with complex systems and modelling highlighted

About the theme

Complex Systems and Modelling is a unique research theme within the Charles Perkins Centre that aims to develop integrative systems and modelling approaches to unravel the complex network of influences on nutrition and health in relation to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

From systems biology to social networks, mathematical methods and computational tools are used, alongside experimental data, to reveal the interconnectedness of the critical factors underpinning chronic disease.

This integrative systems approach is the key to identifying innovative solutions to the growing global health problems associated with diet and lifestyle.

Theme leader: Associate Professor Zdenka Kuncic

Image of Associate Professor Zdenka Kuncic

Associate Professor Zdenka Kuncic

Zdenka Kuncic is Associate Professor of Physics at the School of Physics, where she leads a highly interdisciplinary research program at the interface between the physical and life sciences. Physics-based methods (experimental as well as theoretical, mathematical and computational modelling approaches) and fundamental physical principles are applied to advance our understanding of complex living systems and human diseases. Her research interests include: radiation biophysics, biomedical imaging, targeted molecular imaging and therapy, computational nanomedicine and complex systems modelling.

Zdenka leads the Integrative Systems Lab and The Judith and David Coffey Life Lab.