Research themes diagram with Nutrition highlighted

About the theme

Solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems lie at the interface between conventional academic disciplines. The richly inter-disciplinary environment of the Charles Perkins Centre provides unprecedented opportunity for experts to overreach their subject and find solutions that have to date evaded our best efforts.

Theme leader: Professor David Raubenheimer

Image of Professor David Raubenheimer

Professor David Raubenheimer

  • David Raubenheimer joined the University in April 2013 as Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology.
  • David is a leading expert in nutritional ecology: the discipline that studies how nutrition-related aspects of an animal’s environment interact with its biology to determine health and fitness outcomes. His approach is comparative, using ecological and evolutionary diversity to understand these interactions. His studies of insects, fish, birds and a variety of mammals have helped develop a new approach to human nutrition-related problems, such as the dietary causes of obesity.