Our Donors

“The generosity of donors enables the Charles Perkins Centre to move beyond discovery. We can now take those discoveries into the clinic and the community for the betterment of mankind.”
- Professor David James, Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Metabolic Systems Biology

The Charles Perkins Centre would not be possible without the generous support of donors.

Donors help support the Charles Perkins Centre’s facilities, programs, researcher innovations and scholarships. By sharing a belief in the value of our work, these donors – alumni, students, staff, parents and other friends – are making a difference for future generations.

In supporting the centre, donors are also contributing to INSPIRED – the campaign to support the University of Sydney, one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Australian history. As part of the campaign, the Charles Perkins Centre aims to raise $100 million.

How donations are used

Every dollar you donate goes towards our research programs, including our current funding priorities below:

Early career researchers

  • Early career researchers provide enthusiasm, energy, passion and creative brilliance – in equal measure. A vibrant community of outstanding early career researchers will be essential for the social and academic life of the Charles Perkins Centre.

Preconception, Pregnancy and Childhood Cohort Study

  • Predictors of healthy child development are significantly influenced by the in utero environment. This study, a first in Australia, will uncover why and how this happens in a bid to stop the next generation of children having a lower life expectancy than their parents.

The Incubator Fund

  • The fund aims to improve human health through the translation of research into commercial solutions.