Stories of giving

Every donor plays an important role in the fight against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

The unique research and teaching opportunities created by the centre have inspired many far-sighted philanthropists to make significant contributions towards its work. These include establishing a record number of academic chairs, providing scholarships and helping to transform research into results.

Filling the gap in oral health

A generous gift worth $3.6 million, from an alumnus of the Faculty of Dentistry, will establish the Chair of Lifespan Oral Health which will improve oral health and related health outcomes through multidisciplinary research and education.

Combatting Australia's fastest-growing disease

Impressed by Professor Twigg's diabetes research, Mr Brown has gifted half a million dollars to establish the Greg Brown Laboratory, with the aim of better understanding diabetes and its complications.

Generous gift supports Charles Perkins Centre

A $3 million gift from prominent University supporters Judith and David Coffey will support early career researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre.

World-first research from the Charles Perkins Centre

A number of donors have supported the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) and the appointment of professional chairs to lead ground-breaking research on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Wellington resident gifts $15 million for bowel cancer research

A $15 million bequest from a modest resident of Wellington, NSW will provide a huge boon for the University of Sydney’s research into the state’s second most common cancer.

Stopping diabetes in its tracks

Professor Charles Mackay, who has been named as Australian Diabetes Council Chair of Diabetes, predicts new research can bring about a dramatic decrease in the incidence of all types of diabetes in the foreseeable future.

Cyanide-eating butterflies led to Charles Perkins Centre appointment

Professor Raubenheimer has taken up the Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology, the first of several chairs that will be funded by the proceeds of the 2011 sale of a Picasso donated to the University.

Picasso masterpiece raised A$20.6million to fund Sydney research

In 2010 an anonymous donor gave the University a 1935 portrait by Picasso of his lover, Marie-Therese Walter, titled Jeune fille endormie.

The Judith and David Coffey Life Lab

The Charles Perkins Centre has received two generous gifts from Judith and David Coffey to create the Judith and David Coffey Life Lab. In 2012, $2 million was donated to establish the lab, with a further $3 million given in 2014.