Clinical Placements

Students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management and Master of Pharmacy are required to complete clinical placements as part of their course. Before attending your clinical placement you will need to make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

- National Police Certificate
- Vaccination Record Card

Information is provided by NSW Health here:

National Police Certificate

All enrolled students are required to have a National Police Certificate which will need to be presented when clinical placements are done in NSW Health facilities or if requested by a preceptor.

The certificate is available through a state or territory police service or the Australian Federal Police or can be downloaded from the NSW Police website.

Your application must be presented in person to the police station nearest your place of residence or any campus of the university. If you lose your clearance card or your details have changed you cannot be issued with a replacement card but must reapply. Please note that the certificates take approximately two weeks to process.

Vaccination Record Card

All students attending clinical placements in facilities operated by the NSW Department of Health must have a documented vaccination history consistent with the requirements for NSW Health procedures (Category A applicants).

Students should note that vaccinations can take some time to complete and you should consult a doctor and commence your vaccinations at the start of your degree so that they are completed in time for your clinical placements/externships in the latter part of your degree.

Vaccination administration records are available from your doctor or online. Click here.

Health and Safety information for Clinical Placements

Rural Placement Allowance Scheme

Students undertaking clinical placements in a rural setting may be entitled to reimbursement of some or all of their accommodation and travel expenses under the Rural Placement Allowance Scheme from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Below are the forms required to be submitted for travel approval and claim reimbursement.

Before attending a rural placement:

After attending a rural placement:

  1. Coversheet for claim (PDF)
  2. Group expenses (PDF) (only if claiming expenses on behalf of two or more students)
  3. Receipts for expenses claimed (PDF)
  4. Payment request (Excel) - submit an electronic copy by email to the Placements Officer

Paper submission of all forms is required (except the Payment Request spreadsheet). Staple all forms together and submit to the Assignment Box outside the Sydney Pharmacy School administration office.

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