Pharmacy placement program

Our students are exposed to the pharmacy environment throughout the course through fieldwork (observation of pharmacy operations) or through clinical placements (observation and active participation in pharmacy activities). While the overall purpose of the clinical placement program is to allow students to gain knowledge and skills, and to appreciate ‘real world’ practice issues, there are specific and different objectives for each type of placement.

The overall objective of the clinical placements program is to familiarise students with their future professional roles and to appreciate the working environment and to develop their own professional skills and behaviours.

These placements are undertaken in settings of professional practice including community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, other clinical settings, industry and other professional organisation sites and may include rural as well as metropolitan sites, and involve the public and private health sector.

How long does the placement take?

All block placements are two weeks long (Monday–Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Bachelor of Pharmacy students complete three blocks in total over the third and fourth years of their course.

Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management students complete three blocks in total over the fourth and fifth years of their course.

Master of Pharmacy students complete six blocks in total over the first and second years of their course.

Cohort of Students Placement Dates

BPharm 4th year
BPharm Management 5th year

24th April–5th May*; or
8th May–19th May*

BPharm 3rd year
BPharm Management 4th year
MPharm 1st year
MPharm 2nd year

3rd July–14th July** #; and/or
17th July–28th July** #
BPharm 4th year
BPharm Management 5th year
21st August–1st September; or
4th September–15th September
BPharm 3rd Year
BPharm Management 4th year
18th September–29th September**
MPharm 1st year 27th November–8th December
MPharm 1st year 11th December–22nd December


*Please note that in the second week of these placements all BPharm 4th year students will be paired with a BPharm 1st year student for four hours only (2×2 hours). This four hour exposure is intended to orientate first year students to the pharmacy environment. Fourth year students will be responsible in mentoring first years during this time. See the FIELDWORK page for more information.

**BPharm 3rd year/BPharm Management 4th year will complete one of the two week blocks annotated with "**"

#MPharm 1st year students will complete one of the two week blocks annotated with "#"; MPharm 2nd year students will complete both of the two week blocks annotated with "#".

What is expected of our preceptors?

The preceptor is expected to simply involve students in the day-to-day running of the site, so that students can gain insight into the profession. Preceptors are not required to be 'stand-in' lecturers, but are role models for students that to facilitate their professional growth.

We will provide you with a Preceptor Information Pack to assist you in your role as preceptor.

Students are expected to be self-directed learners. This means that students are responsible for their own learning, while being provided some guidance from preceptors. Students are provided with a competency passport to complete during each placement and are expected to reflect this and other experiential learning in their ePortfolio.

Become a preceptor

If you have any queries about the preceptorship for clinical placements, please contact Sian O'Brien during office hours.

Sian O'Brien (Student Services Officer, Clinical Placements)
T: +61 2 935 18957
F: +61 2 935 14391