Emergencies can occur at any time, and can arise from a number of causes including fire, medical emergencies, chemical spills, gas leaks, bomb threats and physical threats. The first priority in any emergency situation is the safety of all people who may be in danger. Detailed procedures are listed in the University WHS website.

Familiarise yourselves with the Emergency and Evacuation Procedures as well as the evacuation plans located throughout the building. All newcomers to the School should make sure that they know the locations of the nearest fire exits and Break Glass Alarms (Alarm Points). The full details of Pharmacy Emergency Contact Numbers, Emergency Procedures and Emergency Procedures Poster are published on Sydney Pharmacy School WHS website.

All accidents, floods, fires, etc., (even if apparently trivial) are potentially dangerous situations and must be reported immediately to your supervisor.

Emergency Response

Not all emergencies will commence with an alarm activation. Familiarise yourself with the general emergency response procedures:

a) Warn anyone in immediate danger.

b) If safe and if trained, take reasonable action to control the emergency.

c) Evacuate if in danger or when instructed.

d) Raise the alarm immediately by activating a Break Glass Alarm (breaking the glass cover on an alarm point).

  • University Security can be reached on 13333. If necessary, Fire, Police or Ambulance can be called by dialing 0 (for an outside line), then 000, and asking to be connected to the appropriate service.
  • Other emergency numbers are listed on the inside cover of this booklet and Sydney Pharmacy School WHS website.

e) Notify the as soon as possible.

f) First-aid treatment is available. The list of qualified people is given on the inside cover of this booklet and Sydney Pharmacy School WHS website.

Emergency Contacts

University Security Service: 13333 (Emergency, 24 hours)
13487 (General, 24 hours)
Off-campus Dial: 9351 3333 (Emergency, 24 hours)
1 800 063 487 (Free call, 24 hours)
Emergency Services
(Police, Fire, Ambulance)

0-000 (from internal phones)
Police (Newtown) 9550 8199
Fire Brigade (Newtown) 9557 5260
Fire Brigade (Glebe) 9660 7156
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 9515 6111
Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26
University Contacts  
Campus Infrastructure Services - Service Desk 17838
Chemical Safety Officer 78540
Biosafety Safety Officer 14126
Radiation Safety Officer 75674
Work Health and Safety Adviser 14176
University Health Service (Wentworth Building) 13484
School Safety Officer and Chief Building Warden  
Sarah (Pei) Cui - N311, Administration Office

12312 / 0478404087
Deputy Building Warden  
Jane Mourao - S323A, Dean's Office  66401


The Assembly Point for Pharmacy is the open area between the Holme and Old Geology Buildings. Please do not stand on Science Road as this blocks access by emergency vehicles. People working in the south wing of the building, could use Technology Lane as the alternate Assembly Point.

If the fire/emergency alarm system is activated you may be required to evacuate the building. You should:


a) When you hear a "Beep, Beep" signal (ALERT)

  • turn off all non-vital equipment
  • secure all dangerous processes
  • check if other processes in your vicinity have been attended to
  • collect or lock away personal or valuable items and prepare to evacuate the building at the direction of your Floor Wardens

b) When you hear a "Whoop, Whoop" signal (EVACUATE)

  • Evacuate in an orderly manner using your nearest safe exit and proceed to an Assembly Point.
  • Do not attempt to collect personal belongings at this point.

First Aid

First aid kits are placed in every laboratory and office area throughout the School, it is user’s responsibility to contact if the first aid kits have been used and the contents need to be refilled. The First Aid Officers contact details are listed below. Please approach First Aid Officers when First Aid is required.

If a local first aid officer is not available, call 1-3333 to arrange for First Aid assistance.

School First Aid Officers

Narelle Da Costa
Room N311, Administration Office
Irene Um
Room S303, Pharmacy and Bank Building