Getting Started

All staff, students, affiliates and others are required to complete the necessary WHS related induction and training which are required for granting swipe card access and commencing any work. It is imperative that all members complete the following process.

Essential procedures

1. First Week: the following induction and paper work need to be completed in the first week.

2. Local WHS induction is provided by supervisors, completion of this local induction is required to obtain the authorisation for accessing to local areas for laboratories (checklist) and office working area (checklist).

Building and laboratory access

1. After new students or visitors complete the Essential Procedures, supervisors need to approve building access, by sending the completed Building Access Authorisation Form to .

2. The supervisor will provide approval for the access to laboratories and other restricted areas after the local WHS induction has completed, by sending the Building Access Authorisation Form to .

Before commencing work

1. Enroll any relevant training courses provided by the University, such as:
a.) Biosafety
b.) Working with Chemicals
c.) Radiation Safety

2. Attend training and induction which are required to obtain authorization to access to following labs and facilities, contact for details.
a.) Solvent Store and Autoclave
b.) Tissue Culture facilities
c.) NMR & LCMS
d.) Instrument room and wash rooms

Before starting new procedures

Supervision, Local Induction including training in safe work procedures (SWP) identified through risk assessments will need to be discussed and understood before commencing any type of experiments.

Record Keeping

  • All the certificates of completion of trainings and inductions, SWPs and Risk Management forms should be kept locally by individuals and supervisors.
  • Supervisors and managers are required to send a copy of completed Safety Declaration and Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors Checklist to .