Report an Incident, injury or hazard

To comply with the WHS Policy, all workers are required to use RiskWare to report any hazards, incidents or injuries relating to University activities. You can also report an incident on behalf of other people, such as colleagues, students, contractors or visitors.

All incident reports must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident.

If full details of the incident, injury, investigation and corrective actions are not available within this timeframe, the essential details of the incident or injury as they are known should be submitted initially. RiskWare is the University’s online system for reporting and managing incidents, injuries and hazards across all campuses.

Log on to RiskWare

If you wish to report a hazard or incident, but do not have access to RiskWare or a staff member who can facilitate this report online, please contact Work Health and Safety Services on 9351 5555.

Roles and Responsibilities

All workers (including casuals and affiliates) are required to use RiskWare to report any work related incident, injury, or hazardous situation.

Managers (or their delegates) are required to use RiskWare to record and manage actions relating to incidents and hazards that are reported within their area of authority.

Although managers can delegate their use of RiskWare to an appropriate nominee, the ultimate responsibility for work health and safety, including the management of reported incidents and WHS risks, remains with the line manager.

Students, affiliates, contractors and visitors usually do not have staff unikey access to RiskWare, therefore they must inform a staff member if they are involved in an incident, sustain an injury, or they identify a hazardous situation relating to University work. The staff member will arrange for the details to be recorded in RiskWare for actioning.

What is an incident?

An incident is a discrete (one off) occurrence that has, or could have had, an adverse impact on people. This can include: incidents resulting in injury, illness, equipment failure, or “near misses” when there is potential for an injury.

The incident report serves as a record for future reference should there be any subsequent complication e.g. delayed health effects, that may require the report as a factual base. Read more about the regulatory framework.

Reporting an injury

The details of any work related injury or illness must be recorded at the time of submitting an incident report via RiskWare. If this cannot be done within 24 hours of occurrence please contact the Injury Management team for immediate assistance.

Find out more about workers' compensation: read the FAQs

For Managers - Responding to incidents, injuries and hazards

As a supervisor it is your responsibility to investigate incidents and hazards, and take corrective action to reduce the level of risk and prevent the reoccurrence of similar incidents.


A RiskWare Action Plan must be submitted within 7 calendar days of the incident/hazard being reported.

It may take longer than 7 days to complete the required corrective action and close the incident, but the plan including a description of the actions and anticipated timeframes for completion must be completed within 7 calendar days.

Incident/hazard notification

When your staff report an incident, injury or hazard in RiskWare you will automatically receive an email notification. This email provides summary details of the incident or hazard, instructions on what you need to do next and a direct link to the record in RiskWare. Click on the link in the email to view the details of the incident or hazard. From here you can complete a corrective action plan.

Alternatively, you can log on to RiskWare at any time, click on the “Incident Register” icon and then look in the Assigned Incident/Hazard tab. From here you can choose to either View Details or enter a Corrective Action Plan.

Corrective action plans

Corrective action plans are used to record the actions that have or will be taken in response to an incident or a reported hazard.

Watch these short training videos or follow the instructions provided below each video for guidance on how to:

  • Complete a corrective action plan
  • Respond to an incident that is outside of your control, and that of the University.
  • Reassign an incident or hazard to another University supervisor.

Day to day management of incidents/hazards in RiskWare will automatically be assigned to the relevant manager. However, if appropriate for a particular action, responsibility may be transferred to a different staff member.

If you are away from work for a period and have delegated your WHS responsibilities during this period you can specify this by clicking the delegation icon at the top of the management screen.

What to do if a staff member is injured
  • Arrange first aid and support for the injured team member as appropriate. The University has a network of first aid officers.
  • Ensure that the injury is reported in RiskWare within 24 hours of the occurrence.
  • If the injury is work related and there are medical costs or time lost resulting from the injury, inform the injured employee of their eligibility to claim workers' compensation.
  • Support the worker as required through any injury management and return to work programs.
What to do if a student is injured

Arrange first aid and support for the student as appropriate. The University has a network of first aid officers.

Arrange for the incident/injury to be reported in RiskWare on behalf of the student.