Master of Pharmacy


For all administrative enquiries, contact the Student Centre (details on right). Please contact the course coordinator for academic enquiries only.

MPharm Coordinator  Dr Rebecca Roubin

Units of Study

A minimum of 96 credit points of course material will be delivered over four semesters as well as two additional non-standard teaching sessions. The course commences in late February/early March.

The semesters are structured around the standard academic calendar and are valued at 18 credit points each. In addition, one non-standard session (*) will be conducted each year, focused mainly on experiential clinical placements, to the value of 12 credit points.

 Course Code  Unit of Study  Credit Points 
 PHAR5513  Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1A     6
 PCOL5001  Current Topics in Pharmacology     6
 PHAR5515  Pharmaceutical Science     6
 PHAR5516  Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1B     6
 PHAR5517  Pharmaceutics 1B     6
 PHAR5518  Pharmacy Practice A     6
 *PHAR5505  * Clinical Residency 1
 PHAR5514  Pharmaceutics 2A    6
 PHAR5506  Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2B    6
 PHAR5508  Pharmacy Practice B    6
 PHAR5509  Integrated Pharmaceutics    6
 PHAR5510  Pharmacy Practice C    6
 PHAR5507  Dispensing Practice    6
 * PHAR5512  * Clinical Residency 2 (July)   12

Exemptions for repeating students in labs and workshops


Students who are repeating a Unit of Study may be given an exemption from the laboratory/workshop component providing that they previously gained a minimum grade of credit in the laboratory/workshop component of that unit of study, (providing the laboratory/workshop component of a Unit of Study has not been changed significantly).

Exemptions will not be given if the laboratory course was previously undertaken more than 3 years prior to the student repeating that Unit of Study.

A student must apply in writing (email) to the UoS coordinator for an exemption to the laboratory/workshop component of a UoS. The UoS coordinator must notify the student of the outcome of their application for exemption in writing. Where the granting of an exemption results in a change to the weighting of the remaining components of that UoS, the coordinator must also notify the student of this change in writing.

The student must accept the offer of exemption in writing. The student must continue to attend all laboratory/workshop classes until an offer of exemption has been made and accepted in writing.

If an exemption is accepted then the student may not attend the workshop/practical class just for practice.

NB: Exemptions will not be given for exams (including mid semester exams)

Requirements for clinical placements

Successful completion of this course is contingent on satisfactory performance in a number of clinical placements.

Further information on the units of study in the Master of Pharmacy can be found in the Faculty of Pharmacy Handbook.