The University provides information for all students regarding Orientation and Induction.

Health and Safety Induction

Download a copy of the OHS Induction Form. Discuss your training requirements with your supervisor and enrol in health and safety training sessions.

Make an appointment with the Safety Officer () to organise your OHS induction. Once you have completed all the requirements, sign the form and return it to the Faculty Administration Office.

Student Card

Your Student Card is your University ID card. You need to carry your Student Card with you at all times while you're on campus.

What can I use my Student Card for?

Besides using your Student Card as your University ID, you can also use it for:

  • travel concessions (if you're eligible)
  • borrowing library books
  • printing and photocopying
  • student discounts
  • after-hours access to buildings (with relevant faculty staff approval).

For more information on Student Cards, and to find out how to get your card, please visit the Card Centre website.

Building Access

Your supervisor will be able to provide you with a list of buildings/rooms you will need access to.

Most buildings have a swipe card system to secure the building after hours. A number of doors are also alarmed either full time or after hours (these doors are clearly labelled). After-hours access is usually through a restricted number of doors using a swipe card.

Access to Pharmacy and Bank Building and Badham Building

Keys for labs and equipment rooms can be obtained from the Faculty Administration Office. These can either be ordered and kept for the duration of study or signed out to enable the opening of rooms for specific requirements.

Swipe card access needs to be requested for your card and then processed by Security Services. To request access you need to provide a list of locations along with your full name and SID (Student Identification Number) and send to . Or visit the Faculty Administration Office.

After access has been requested, you need to take your student card to Security Services (Services Building G12) to get the card activated. It is usually necessary to wait 1 day for processing of the request.

If you are granted permission to have after-hours access to the Pharmacy and Bank Building you need to understand the safety procedures. When entering the building after hours, you need to sign in the after-hours book located at the front of the Pharmacy Building corridor, in the first cabinet (with the fire hose and Fire Indicator Panel).


Security Services arranges parking, access to buildings, and deal with instances of theft, lost property and emergencies.

EMERGENCIES ONLY phone Security Services on 9351 3333