Desk and Computer

The Faculty assigns a desk to research students if required. The desk has a computer and access to a phone. For any computer or phone issues, you need to contact ICT – Information and Communications Technology by using the Self Service portal or calling 9351 6000 (x16000 from internal phones).

Your computer will be set up to a shared printer nearby. For high volume printing or copying, you should use one of the MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) in the Faculty such as the one located in the mail room. You can also print from a USB. You should be considerate of others if you need to print large files.

Stationery items can be requested from the Faculty Administration Office.

Students are required to put up a sign on their desk indicating full name, email address and name of supervisor.

If you are located off main campus, please consult with your supervisor regarding seating arrangements.

Mail and Deliveries

The mail room is adjacent to the Faculty Administration Office in the Bank Building. Mail for post graduate students is placed in pigeon holes according to supervisor.

Deliveries are received at the Faculty Administration Office. You will be contacted to come and pick up your delivery and must do so as soon as possible. For safety reasons staff are only permitted to sign for deliveries that list a contact name.

Please note that students are not permitted in the Faculty Administration Office unless accompanied by their supervisor

Building Repair and Maintenance

Lodge all repair and maintenance requests to the Faculty Facilities Officer: OR 8627 4269
(x 74269 when dialling from university phones)

Working in Laboratories

Students using laboratory facilities can only do so under supervision. All training requirements need to be met and safety protocols followed. Laboratory safety is the responsibility of every user.

All labs should have an updated inventory of all hazardous substances in use and storage and a current material safety and data sheet (MSDS) for each chemical, see the Chem Alert website.

The University’s WHS website contains useful information including procedures for the safe disposal of waste.

Autoclave Use

The Faculty has two autoclave facilities, located on Level 4 Bank Building and Level 2 Pharmacy Building. To organise training to use them, contact .