Meet our Graduates

Max Timmons, Bachelor of Pharmacy Graduate

“I graduated in 2012 and am now working as a community pharmacist in Coffs Harbour. I love this work because we give the patients the care they need and deserve. This kind of care is really important, especially in a rural community, , as is having the confidence to work autonomously as a pharmacist.

When I got to uni and learned about the interaction between the human body and chemistry and microbiology it blew my mind!

My course focused on pharmacy in action and looked at the social aspect as well as management of a pharmacy. The University organised a placement for me in a rural pharmacy in Broken Hill where I was also offered a job. It helped me realise that this was the kind of work I wanted to go in to.

The course impressed me in the way it was run and how it focused on disease states and different parts of the body. It gave me a well-rounded understanding of the chemistry behind pharmacy, before delving into social, business and hospital aspects.

My teachers prepared me to think about the future and my studies set me up for pharmacy in practice. I think my degree helped me get my job because the University of Sydney is so well known for producing good graduates”.