Meet our Students

The Faculty of Pharmacy student cohort is one of the most active and diverse communities on campus. The faculty attracts students from all corners of Australia and the world, and our sterling reputation is built upon the consistently high quality of these candidates who choose the University of Sydney to study pharmacy.

Ardi Mirzael, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Ardi Mirzael
Bachelor of Pharmacy

"As a student at the University of Sydney I have had the privilege of working in city, metropolitan and rural community pharmacies as well as clinical placement in a pharmaceutical company. I would say that clinical placement was the most valuable part of my degree, thanks to the great support and guidance I received from my preceptor. It’s so satisfying to go to work in the afternoon and apply the skills and knowledge I had only just learned that morning during class."

Melissa Barakat, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Melissa Barakat
Bachelor of Pharmacy

“I chose pharmacy because I want to equip myself with the knowledge and skills required to make a meaningful contribution to the Australian healthcare system. The course combines my interest in chemistry and mathematics with my passion to address social and health-related challenges. My scholarship motivates me to achieve my personal best, work hard and persevere through the challenges that University offers.”

Jay Wu, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Jay Wu
Master of Pharmacy

"The Master of Pharmacy offered me the opportunity to expand on what I learnt in my undergraduate science degree. I have enjoyed many aspects of the Master of Pharmacy, including being able to complete a postgraduate degree in two years and being in a small cohort of students. The course is challenging but making friends is easy in a smaller group and both staff and students are very supportive. "

Alexandra Mulhall, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Alexandra Mulhall
Master of Pharmacy

“My degree has taught me important problem solving skills. This is important in pharmacy when you need to quickly think of different solutions for patient problems. I have also enjoyed learning from pharmacists and specialists who work in different fields. It has been interesting to find out how diverse the role of a pharmacist is: from hospital and community pharmacy, through to roles in research, clinical trials, policy making and much more.”

Samuel Ho, PhD student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Samuel Ho
PhD student, Faculty of Pharmacy

“My positive experience of undertaking research during my undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy honours year encouraged me to pursue further studies in pharmaceutical research. I have always been fascinated with the human body but what really inspired me was trying to find a way to improve quality of life. I believe my research into reducing the toxicity of medicines will do this.”