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Sydney Pharmacy Indigenous Camp

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The first ever Pharmacy Indigenous camp was held from 20-24 January, 2013, with 23 students from across Australia taking part.

What is the Sydney Pharmacy Indigenous Camp

For four days in January, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney welcomes a group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high-school students to give them a taste of the university, pharmacy and Sydney experience.

The camp provides young, Indigenous year 10 -12 students the unique chance to embrace life at the University of Sydney, whilst having fun, making friends and learning hands-on pharmacy skills. For four days, you’ll be immersed in the campus lifestyle and the profession of pharmacy by participating in workshops, laboratory sessions, field trips and fun activities.

The University of Sydney is one of the most reputable pharmacy education institutions in Australia – with an international reputation for excellence. This camp is a great chance for Indigenous students from remote areas to get a taste of that experience and perhaps consider a career in pharmacy. The faculty believes this camp is a positive step towards addressing the urgent need for more registered Indigenous pharmacists in the community.

What will I do at the camps?

Living on-site in college accommodation, you will tour the beautiful university grounds, which features some of the oldest and grandest buildings in Sydney. During the days, you’ll be introduced to the science and practice of pharmacy. You’ll get hands-on in challenging workshops and fun team-building exercises. You’ll get busy in the laboratory, preparing creams and lotions, making tablets and analysing the scientific intricacies of medicines. In addition you will learn all about the benefits and harmful effects from commonly used household medicines.

Guided by your tutors - pharmacy teachers and a practising Indigenous pharmacist - you will also go out and visit and speak with hospital and community pharmacists. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to meet current students to find out firsthand what it is like to study pharmacy at the University of Sydney.

There’s plenty of time for downtime and fun, too, with movie nights, BBQs and various activities. Plus, you’ll get the chance to explore the vibrant city of Sydney.


All Pharmacy Camp expenses are covered by the Faculty of Pharmacy. All your travel costs to and from Sydney, as well as accommodation, tuition, insurance and food will be covered. The only money you many require is pocket money when travelling and during your stay in Sydney.

In 2013, a generous donation from Pharmaceutical Defence Limited helped make the Sydney Indigenous Camp a reality.


For more information, please contact:
SydPIC coordinator
Faculty of Pharmacy
T +61 2 9036 7647

Sydney Pharmacy Camp is associated with the University of Sydney Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Indigenous strategy.