Health Services and Patient Safety

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Our researchers in the Health Services and Patient Safety theme have a strong commitment to research that facilitates the quality use of medicines, medicines safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions.

Our research takes a system-wide view to ensure that research and innovation is able to improve health outcomes for consumers and improve the safety and effectiveness of the health system.

Research strength

The Health Services and Patient Safety research involves:

  • Consumer focus - engaging people with their healthcare, medicines and health literacy
  • A range of therapeutics areas, including mental health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pain management, musculoskeletal disorders, infectious diseases and respiratory disease
  • A multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with a range of healthcare professionals
  • A range of health settings, including primary care, residential care facilities and hospitals
  • National and international focus

Research highlights

  • As part of the Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Medicine and Ageing, a multi-disciplinary collaboration between highly dedicated and internationally recognised researchers, our research team is working together to generate vital information about the role that medicines play over Australians’ lifetimes.
  • Together with Charles Perkins Centre, we have launched the Evidence, Influence and Pharmaceutical Policy Program led by Professor Lisa Bero. The program establishes the first clearinghouse and incubator for data and research on evidence, influence and pharmaceutical policy. Our research team and the portal we create will be a destination: for people seeking data (journalists, researchers including students) and collaborative research (through national networks, nodes and international networks).
  • Dr Barbara Mintzes with other investigators from the University and abroad is leading an international NHMRC-funded project, “How best to protect public health: a comparative analysis of regulatory safety warnings on medicines in Australia, Canada, the European Union and the United States”. The aim is to examine the effects of national medication safety warnings on healthcare delivery and patient safety, and to identify features contributing to effective protection of public health.
  • The Pharmacy Diabetes Screening Trial (PDST), conducted as a partnership between Professor Ines Krass, researchers at Deakin Centre for Population Health Research and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and, is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. The aim of the PDST is to compare thee clinical and cost effectiveness of three models of a pharmacy-based opportunistic risk assessment, screening and referral service for type 2 diabetes in a previously undiagnosed population.
  • Ensuring people have access to essential evidence-based safe and effective medicines is a key priority of the World Health Organisation. Our researchers, led by Associate Professor Rebekah Moles, have been working with colleagues from the Fijian National University to research issues facing Fiji with respects to medicine supply and procurement. This body of work aims to inform policy and subsequent system wide changes in the region.

Meet our research theme leader

Professor Lisa Bero

Professor Lisa Bero
Research Theme Leader, Chair of Medicine Use and Health Outcomes in the University of Sydney Pharmacy and Charles Perkins Centre

Professor Lisa Bero is a pharmacologist and researcher in evidence-based health care who is internationally renowned for her studies on the integrity of clinical and basic research evidence that is used to influence health policy, and the manner in which evidence is communicated to key groups such as physicians, policy-makers, journalists and the community.